In November 2023, OpenAI made it possible for anyone to design their own GPTs. Since then, users have created beyond 3 million different variations of ChatGPT. And finally, the other day the company launched the long-awaited GPT Store service, where the author of a chatbot can publicly post it, sharing “invention” with other users. In our article, you will learn what this service is and on what principle it works. In addition, we will tell you how to publish your bot in the store and whether it will be possible to make money from it.

What is GPT Store?

The GPT Store by OpenAI is a marketplace that provides users who have created their own chatbots with a platform for their public placement. Essentially, it gives them the opportunity to share their developments. This store expands the variability of ChatGPT usage and, accordingly, the company's product ecosystem. According to its representatives, the main goal of launching a chatbot marketplace is to develop the possibilities of using AI bots and organize a space for users’ creative activities.

GPT Store

The new store will be filled with chatbots designed by partners and ordinary users. Each of them is tailored to solve specific problems. For example, helping with school math homework or creating original cocktail recipes for parties. The topics of AI assistants are wide: from education and science to design and sports. Like the Google Play and App Store, the GPT Store marketplace has a leaderboard that displays the most popular chatbots. For ease of searching, all GPTs are divided into thematic categories. OpenAI promised to add new bots to the store weekly.

Are user-created GPTs safe? To ensure their compliance with approved regulations, the company has implemented another verification system that complements existing security measures. It involves both automatic and human control. In addition, if violations are detected, any user can report it.

The GPT Store is available to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise subscribers. Those who choose one of the paid tariff plans get the right to create their own GPTs for free and place them in the store, as well as use other people’s developments.

What Chatbots are Offered in the Marketplace

When entering the store, the user immediately sees the Featured category.


It contains 4 chatbots that took the leading positions in the number of uses during the week. Currently, it contains:

  • AllTrails – personalized route recommendations for travel, hiking or jogging, considering different requirements (for example, dog-friendly routes).
  • Consensus – Search 200 million scientific articles for accurate citations and science-based answers to questions.
  • Code Tutor – assistance in mastering and expanding programming skills.
  • Books – AI guide in the world of literature, help in selecting books to read.

Next comes the Trending category, which contains dozens of the most popular chatbots on the marketplace.


Currently, posted there:

  • Consensus
  • Ai PDF
  • AskYourPDF Research Assistant
  • Grimoire
  • ScholarAI
  • Scispace
  • 22,500+ Best Custom GPTs
  • image generator
  • DesignerGPT
  • Logo Creator
  • WebPilot
  • Glibatree Art Designer, etc.

In the category By ChatGPT contains bots developed by the team of specialists who released ChatGPT. Presently, there are 17 of them.

By ChatGPT

We talked about 16 of them here. Let’s add just a few words about Planty. This is a plant care assistant. It will explain how to water a fern properly and why your tomatoes are not bearing fruit. A chatbot can help you choose plants that do well in low light conditions if you don't have much light in your room.

Connect applications without developers in 5 minutes!

Next come chatbots created by other users. For convenience, they are divided into thematic categories.

DALL-E – allows you to turn any idea into a stunning image.


– for creating new text content of different types, editing ready-made materials considering SEO, as well as correcting the presentation style.


– to improve your productivity (working with PDF files; converting files; creating visualizations, slides for PowerPoint, prompts for chatbots; transforming text into speech).


& Analysis – for searching, evaluating, analyzing and visualizing information. Research on scientific materials that previously took many hours can now be completed in a few minutes.

Research & Analysis

– for writing code, finding and fixing errors in it, testing and learning programming.


– to gain new knowledge and skills. These chatbots can help you learn foreign languages, solve complex math problems, and write academic papers. One of them can turn YouTube videos into a personal study guide.


– recommendations regarding travel, sports training, style, nutrition and more. Bots in this category will help you choose the perfect tattoo and interior decor. Nutritional assistants will offer you recipes for dishes considering your preferences and restrictions, and will tell you whether you can consume a particular product. Sports bots will select an exercise program for you, and lifestyle bots will help you cope with stress.


Each thematic category contains 12 chatbots. Over time, there will be more of them.

How to Upload your Chatbot to the Store

Every subscriber to the paid version of ChatGPT can post their chatbot in the GPT Store. If you've built an AI assistant and want to share it on the marketplace, follow these steps in order:

  1. Learn the latest GPT brand guidelines. Make sure your chatbot fully complies with all requirements and does not violate anything.
  2. Save your GPT for “Everyone” (this is a requirement for the bot to be displayed in the store).
  3. Confirm the personal profile of the chatbot creator. To achieve this, go to “Settings”, go from there to “Builder profile” and include your name or verified site there.

Could I Make Money on GPTs?

According to OpenAI representatives, for now, users who created their chatbots will not be able to generate income from them. This opportunity will be provided later. The authors of GPTs will earn money from the products they design. Presumably, the earnings scheme will be the same as in the app stores from Apple and Google.

During the first quarter of 2024, the company promised to flesh out how GPT's creators will be able to receive their profits. The official blog only says that payments will be based on the interaction of other users. Monetization terms have not yet been disclosed. We only know that US residents will be the first to receive money for their GPTs.

Instead of a Conclusion

Some associate the launch of the ChatGPT Store with OpenAI's intensification of searches for new sources of funding for its research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. According to the report of its specialists, tens of millions of dollars are spent on training and supporting AI. By 2030, these costs will increase significantly and will be measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. Therefore, the company needs to show potential investors its prospects now. And, apparently, it does it well.


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