There are millions of mobile apps available out there in the app stores. Although every app is unique, they still struggle to receive the required attraction. The parameters for standing out of the crowd are exceptionally high, which is why it is crucial for developers to have a powerful mobile app marketing strategy. The fundamental objective of designing and developing an app is to get maximum downloads. When designing a mobile app, it is important to keep end users in mind. Once you are ready to launch your app, you have to compete with a huge number of competitors in the market. 

An effective marketing strategy can help you set your mobile app apart from your competitors. And creating one strong and all-inclusive marketing plan takes research, time, and planning. Mobile app marketing is the subset of digital marketing, which requires employing different methods and techniques. Here in this guide, you will learn marketing tips to rank your mobile app higher and reach good results. 

Focus On App Development

Over 80% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, and users are spending, on average, 5 to 6 hours a day using their phones. So, it is highly significant to pay attention to your mobile app development and be certain that it is working as intended. 

It depends on the complexities and size of your mobile app, which decides how much time it will take to get completed. Another factor that contributes to the development time delay is the required set of skills and knowledge in designing and developing an app. 

That’s exactly where the need for third-party services comes into play. If you think your team, or you don’t possess the required skills or experience to create a mobile app, you can go for nearshore frontend development and let the experts do it for you.

However, if you wish, you can hire services for partial development and do the rest yourself. And the next step is to focus on app marketing techniques. 

App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the process of improving your app’s visibility on both platforms, i.e., Google Play Store and App Store. It’s not enough to be available on the platforms; it is important that people should be able to find your app in the top results. 

The app store search results ranking is equally important to consider. You need to pay more attention and make sure that as many of your app visitors as possible convert into downloads. Value every lead.

The title of your app can do wonders when it comes to app store optimization. Whatever solution you offer, it is crucial to align the title with your solution. For instance, if your mobile app is about ticket booking, you should choose your title, something similar to ticket booking only. Don’t confuse customers with app titles and services. Just be as clear as possible. 

Social Media Marketing

You can never go wrong with social media marketing. Whether you want to market your website, business, or mobile app, there is no better place than social media. According to studies, a user spends more than two hours a day on social media activities. 

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The content you use for your mobile app marketing on social media platforms should be aligned with your business. Also, graphics in any form, be they images or videos, should match your brand and services. 

Create a Demo Video

It can never be enough to describe your app’s functionality through a simple description. There may be certain things in the app that can effectively be described through a demo rather than written information. 

When you include a short and crisp demo video about your app, it can help users to understand the complete usefulness of the app. The purpose of creating a demo video is to include what your app is all about, what purpose it serves, and why they should use it. However, you need not include all the features in detail. Rather, focusing on certain important features. 

Invest In Influencer Marketing

It is something similar to social media marketing techniques. More than 80% of consumers believe authenticity is the key element when selecting any service or app or a person on social media. Yes, that’s exactly where the concept of influencer marketing comes into the limelight. 

Talking about influencer marketing, it is to note that people follow any specific influencer or brand and consider everything they recommend. There are several ways through which you can use influencer marketing to scale up your app marketing game. You can work with the most influential influencer in your niche, or you can bet on collaborating with a group of micro-influencers.

Reviews and Testimonials

Fuel your app marketing strategy with reviews and testimonials. It is not enough to fetch a potential customer on your app; they still need to get fully convinced about the benefits they might get when using your app. 

If you are able to get some good reviews and testimonials from your existing customers who are actually liking your app, it can work in your favor. If the reviews and testimonials are positive, it can certainly increase your app visibility and boost downloads. 

Invest In Content Marketing Strategy

Start writing a blog about your app a long time before you officially launch the mobile application. Of course, you need to have a strong web appearance for the same. Create a website or a landing page that includes tweaks about your upcoming app. You can use this landing page to create awareness about your application, its features, usability, and advantages. You can share screenshots or short videos from time to time to keep that curiosity alive. 

Find relevant keywords and include them in your content to make it easily searchable in the search results. Make a list of keywords, long-tail keywords, phrases, and other relevant keywords to rank higher in the results. 

In Conclusion

So, there you have it! Creating a mobile app takes a lot of effort and time, and never let it go wasted with a poor marketing strategy. If you implement the aforementioned techniques, you can expect good results. 

To attract the target audience, make sure your app is offering the exact solutions they are searching for. Don’t forget the market is full of similar apps and solutions. Thereby, you have to create something unique and useful that people cannot ignore. Make sure you know the actual purpose of creating a mobile app. And certainly, it is way more than just time passing or a solution to any particular problem. So, to achieve the required engagement and recognition, you need to make changes in your marketing strategy as well.


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