Working remotely can be a challenge, as it is easy to lose track of time and end up working more hours than necessary. The lack of traditional office structure can lead to distractions and a decreased sense of time management. It is important for remote workers to set boundaries, create a schedule, and stick with it in order to maintain productivity levels. One way to manage this challenge is by using a time tracking app or software to monitor your time and help you stick to realistic schedules. Here are some of the benefits that come with using these tools, whether you’re working remotely or not.

Great Visibility Into Each Member’s Time Spent

Time tracking applications provide a clear picture of how each team member is spending their time, which is vital for team success. It allows for real-time reporting, making it perfect for distributed teams.

It also allows managers to quickly identify any issues or discrepancies in work hours so that they can be addressed immediately. And because they automate so much of what is otherwise a very manual process, it’s easy to get visibility into every member's work at any given moment. On top of all that, it allows you to identify your most productive times and other surprising trends about how your team spends their days. For example, does everyone on your team tend to wrap up early on Thursdays? If so, perhaps you could block off an entire day during that week just for testing purposes.

Better Communication

Remote teams often struggle with maintaining clear lines of communication. Time trackers can help prevent this by setting expectations for how each person will spend their time daily. Remote workers can often feel isolated; having visibility into what others are working on can help foster a sense of inclusion and improve overall communication - crucial factors for any successful remote team.

Greater Accountability

Time tracking can be especially beneficial for a remote team. If your employees are working from a variety of locations, apps that use GPS technology to determine location can be handy. Furthermore, an app that calculates travel time can help avoid wasting time. When it comes to accountability, time tracking can be a lifesaver. It's easy to dismiss emails about work, but filling out a timesheet regularly leaves no room for avoiding tasks. These records will prove useful in resolving any disputes over work hours.

Better Planning and Organization

Use an employee time tracking app to better manage your and your team's day. You’ll be able to see where you spend most of your time and can use that insight to become more productive. For example, if you spend too much time on a certain job site each day, you can work on figuring out why this specific site takes longer than others. Making sure you can identify bottlenecks is a huge step in making your company more efficient and streamlining your employees' workday. 

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If your team is working remotely, it can be difficult to keep track of what everyone's doing and who they're interacting with as a result. This kind of confusion and miscommunication leads to frustration among workers, misunderstandings in projects or tasks-in-progress, and ultimately delays that could otherwise have been avoided.


Time trackers are useful for businesses looking to easily identify and analyze their employees' performance. They provide real-time reporting that shows exactly who has been working on what projects, when they started working, and how much time was spent. Moreover, the use of a reliable time tracking app can be extremely beneficial for distributed teams due to its instantaneous monitoring capabilities.

A time tracking app is an excellent tool for managing your and your team's day. It allows you to gain insight into where you spend most of your time, enabling you to be more productive by optimizing your use of time. When it comes to accountability, time tracking can be invaluable. Emails about work can be easily dismissed, but a timesheet that needs filling out each day or week can keep everyone on track with their responsibilities.


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