The Jasper AI service, which appeared not so long ago, has already become a real legend among AI text generators. Today, this universal platform for automating work with text is considered one of the most functional. We have prepared an overview for you, in which you will learn about the technologies Jasper uses, the tools it has, and the tasks it is best suited for. Information about tariff plans and a comparison with competitors will help you make the final decision on its use in your business.

What is Jasper AI and How Does it Work?

Jasper AI is a platform for creating text content using artificial intelligence. It was launched in 2021. Today, the number of its active users has exceeded 100,000. Authors and editors use it as a powerful and convenient tool for generating texts from scratch, as well as improving and adapting finished materials. This AI system is suitable for writing and editing content of various types and formats: advertising texts for websites, posts for social networks, product descriptions for marketplaces, articles for blogs, and so on. The library of thematic templates it has makes it easy and quick to get the necessary text or document in just a couple of clicks.

Jasper AI

This writing assistant was developed by Dave Rogenmoser, John Philip Morgan, and Chris Hull. It was originally called Jarvis. It is based on unique language models from the founders of the project, as well as developments from some well-known companies in the field of AI (OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere).

The neural network’s capabilities are provided by three advanced technologies:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Jasper recognizes and interprets user input by examining its structure, semantics, and context. Neural network algorithms are trained to find connections between words and sentences, as well as analyze their essence and meaning. This allows the AI model to accurately and quickly process the information it receives while understanding the purpose of the user's request.
  • Conversational AI. This technology adds interactivity to the platform. Thanks to it, Jasper can maintain a full dialogue with users. The neural network saves context, analyzes previous interactions, and generates the most relevant responses.
  • Deep learning. The third key component of Jasper AI is deep learning technology. It gives it the ability to self-learn and strengthen its skills. The platform uses several common deep learning models, including transformer and recurrent neural networks (RNN). Huge amounts of data were used to teach it the structure, semantics, and patterns of language. The neural network analyzes the input information and produces the most appropriate result based on patterns and context.

Areas of Application

Now that you already understand how does Jasper AI work, let's talk about the areas of application of this platform. There are quite a few of them because it is universal and can be useful to different categories of users. It is most often used by authors and content providers to create from scratch or improve existing texts. In addition, this system is effective for businesses that use it as a communication and customer service tool. AI algorithms quickly and accurately respond to audience requests, increasing their loyalty and satisfaction.

Jasper's solutions

Jasper neural network, most in demand for solving such problems:

  • Text generation. The first thing new users are interested in is how to write article with Jasper AI? The system offers maximum capabilities in this area. It's generating equally well short notes and long-read articles for blogs, SEO-optimized content, posts for social media, email newsletters, and other text formats.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants. The AI model is optimally suited as a technology for developing smart chatbots and virtual assistants. It can conduct a natural dialogue with users, process their requests, and provide them with the information they need.
  • Speech recognition and synthesis. Jasper not only writes texts professionally but also recognizes spoken speech, analyzes, and transcribes it. Integration with speech synthesis technologies helps AI reproduce natural speech. This ability significantly expands the scope of application of this model.
  • Generating images. Jasper AI art generator is one of the standard features of the platform. Integration with the DALL-E 2 text-to-image neural network gives users the ability to create unique high-resolution images. They can do this directly in the application interface based on text queries.
  • Translation and transcription. Deep learning algorithms allow the AI model to quickly and efficiently translate texts between different languages. In addition, it effectively creates transcriptions of videos or audio recordings. The presence of this function is an additional advantage of the platform.
  • Personalized recommendations. The platform's ability to understand the context of queries and generate meaningful responses can be used to make content or product recommendations. By analyzing the user's experience and preferences, Jasper makes relevant and personalized recommendations. This feature makes it popular for e-commerce platforms, news aggregators, and streaming services.

Key Features

How to use Jasper AI, we have figured it out. We now invite you to take a closer look at the key features of this system. Among its main functions are:

  • Templates. Users have access to a library of more than 50 ready-made content templates of different formats and structures. From it, you can choose templates for advertisements on Facebook, product descriptions in online stores, blog posts, and so on. There are also templates for fiction, technical tutorials, and chatbot conversations. Having selected any of them, you should provide the neural network with input information in the form of a short text request.
  • Assistant. The interface of the platform for writing texts from scratch with the support of an AI assistant is similar to Google Docs. In “Focus” mode, you can give it commands. For example, ask to generate text in a certain style or based on a selected template. By adding more input information, you will get more accurate results. The “Chat” mode turns the assistant into a smart chatbot with support for voice control and searching for information on the Internet. The “Power” mode gives it direct access to a catalog of templates and helps automate turnkey content creation. By connecting an online editor to it, you can add outgoing data to the document.
  • Personalization. AI writing assistant Jasper can flexibly personalize templates and processes. Advanced customization makes it possible to create dynamic templates for different purposes: content marketing, advertising campaigns on social networks, and so on. It is recommended to save them if you want to quickly access them in the future.
  • Brand voice. The neural network is capable of learning one or more brand voices based on introductory texts. The Memories feature allows it to remember the style of your company's texts to generate more accurate and authentic content.
  • Browser extension. Thanks to the widget for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Internet browsers, most of the tools in the Jasper AI app can be used on third-party sites. With their help, you can easily and quickly generate, edit, translate, and repurpose content.
  • SEO analysis. Jasper Surfer SEO, available for a fee, helps you effectively optimize text for search engines. After connecting it, a window with the results of the SEO analysis will appear in your documents. In addition, the template library contains ready-made options for SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions.
  • Processes. The platform provides a base of predefined workflows developed by professional marketers. With their help, you can automate many operations. In addition, AI is capable of creating new processes from scratch when receiving appropriate commands. They are convenient to save for the future.
Jasper's features

The listed functionality is not all that what does Jasper AI do. It also offers many additional features. It helps users generate topics and structure articles, write introductions, conclusions and summaries, and come up with creative stories. The platform has a set of templates for essays, photo descriptions, unique selling propositions, lists, responses to reviews and marketing texts. Users have access to a library of ready-made queries (prompts) for AI, as well as a plagiarism detector.

Service Pricing

Jasper AI pricing

Jasper AI pricing offers three pricing plans:

  • Creator. The Basic plan is suitable for freelance writers, content creators, and influencers. It costs $49 per month if you pay monthly and $39 per month if you purchase an annual subscription. It provides the ability to generate an unlimited amount of text, access to all templates, and a text editor. Additionally, it supports campaign creation, brand voice, SEO analysis, and browser extension. User support on this plan is only available via email.
  • Pro. The more advanced plan is designed for multi-brand companies and marketing agencies. A monthly subscription costs $69, and an annual subscription costs $59 per month. The Pro plan provides all the tools of the Creator plan. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to add up to five users to your account for collaboration, create up to three different brand voices, and upload up to 10 knowledge assets. Support is more immediate – via online chat.
  • Business. The maximum plan of this AI-powered writing assistant offers all the functionality of the Pro plan. Besides, it provides unlimited brand voices, a personal support manager, single sign-on (SSO), and API. Moreover, customized templates and detailed analytics are available here. The cost of the Business plan is calculated individually by the sales department upon request.

Comparison with Competitors

Today, there are a number of services on the market for creating text using AI. Among them, it is quite possible to find a worthy Jasper AI free alternative. But is it worth it? The platform presented in our review is in the middle price segment, and its capabilities for generating content are noticeably wider than those of most competitors. The neural network on which this assistant was developed uses several AI technologies at once. This allows it to efficiently generate different types and formats of text, as well as flexibly adapt content to user requests.

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The main advantages of Jasper are a large selection of various templates, support for brand voice and SEO. These also include tools for creating marketing texts using several models (AIDA, PAS). The cost of services starts from $39 per month. A 7-day trial period is available.

One of the main competitors is Copy AI. This service is also good at creating content for marketing based on brand information. Additionally, it provides enhanced data security. Its basic plan starts at $36 per month. There is a free monthly limit of 2000 words.

Another alternative to this best AI writing assistant is the Rytr service. It is designed for writing emails, posts for social media and advertising texts. Among its advantages are the high speed of content generation and the ability to choose the tone of the text. Prices here start at $26. You can generate up to 10,000 words per month for free.

Another popular platform is Whitesonic. It knows how to create trending content, maintain the tone of voice, and use analytics to improve texts. Its most budget plan costs $33. The free limit is limited to 10,000 words per month.

The ShortlyAI service can, to some extent, also be used instead of Jasper. It is best at modifying and rephrasing texts, as well as brainstorming. Its services will cost $65 per month. A two-month trial period is available.


Jasper AI writing assistant is rightly called a true game changer among similar services. Firstly, due to its exceptional versatility, it offers numerous useful tools for authors and text editors of all types and formats. With its assistance, you can effortlessly automate tasks such as writing, appending, rewriting, and translating texts, utilizing a wide range of templates for various occasions.

The “Brand voice” and “Memories” features enable the neural network to generate texts in different styles and retain their key elements for future use. Jasper excels at crafting marketing texts, adhering to popular formulas in the field. An SEO analysis tool allows you to create optimized content that is well-received by search engines. Lastly, integration with the DALL-E 2 AI model grants access to powerful image generation capabilities, truly making Jasper all-powerful.


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