Got an unusually interesting or important video on Twitter, and you need to save it on your computer or phone? Officially, there is no such option. Don't panic and try desperately to record the screen of the video that is playing.

Following our instructions, you can easily download your favorite video to your phone or PC.

Why download videos from Twitter

Everyone may have their own reasons: lack of time to watch right away, the desire to have access to the video at any time, the risk of removing the video from the network due to specific content, collecting a personal collection of stories, the need to place it on another resource. Regardless of why a person needs to download a video from Twitter, when trying to do this, he finds that nothing works. The developers of the social network, unfortunately, did not provide such a function that users need.

When it is impossible to get something directly, you have to look for ways to bypass it. We suggest doing the same in this case. If a simple retweet to save the video on your Twitter page is not an option for you, you will have to install something extra and make a few “extra” movements.

How to download Twitter video on iOS

The first step is to copy the link to the video from the address bar of your browser or the official Twitter app.

Procedure for copying the link

  1. Launch your browser and go to Sign in to the site. See the field where you need to enter a link? It is hard not to notice it - it is located at the top of the window. Paste the link into it and click "Download".
  2. In the new window that opens, you can, if necessary, watch the video again to make sure that this is exactly what you want to download. Below it, you will find a list of several options for the quality of the downloaded video. You just have to choose the most suitable one.

At the stage of choosing the desired video quality, you may encounter a small problem. The video will open in the tab separately, but the download will not work. In this case, do not just tap on the required link, but press and hold. You will be prompted to download the required file. You can then access the downloaded file through the Files application.

moving to "My Photostream "  

In Files, find the downloaded video and tap and hold on it until a pop-up menu appears. In the menu that opens, select the "Share" command, and then "Save Video".

How to download Twitter video on Android

The procedure is the same as for the iPhone:

1. Launch your browser and open the desired tweet with the video you want to download in it. Important: the tweet must not only be found in the social network feed, but opened in a separate tab. Now click on the video itself and select the "Copy video address" command.

How to download Twitter videos | Copy video address

2. Open an additional tab and enter the link to in the address bar. Sign in. In the window at the top you will see a special input field. Stand there with the cursor and paste the link to the video that you previously placed by copying to the clipboard.

How to download Twitter videos | Insert link

3. There is also an accelerated version of the transition to the site-loader: opening the desired tweet in a separate browser tab, simply complete its address with three S, putting them before the word twitter (this is how it should look like: .com/PTXofficial/status/1521536391712190464 .

4. Check again that you have opened exactly the video that you want to download, and determine in what quality you want to receive it. After clicking on one of the options with extensions, the download will begin.

How to download Twitter videos | Choose the quality

An important point: the instruction only works for those tweets to which only one video is attached. If there are two, ssstwitter will not be able to determine which one you want to download.

How to download Twitter video on PC

To download the desired video from the Twitter social network to a desktop computer or laptop that runs on Windows or macOS, in principle, the same instructions are suitable as for phones:

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1. The first thing to do is copy the video link to the clipboard.


How to download Twitter videos | Copy video address

2. Sign in to . This can be done both in a new tab and in the one where you have the tweet open. In the window above, in a special input field, right-click and select the "Paste" command.

How to download Twitter videos | Insert link

3. A new window will offer you a choice of several options for the quality of the downloaded video. Click on the one that suits you. There is always a temptation to choose the best quality, but keep in mind that such a file will “weigh” more and take longer to download for this reason.

How to download Twitter videos | Choose the quality

You did everything strictly according to the instructions, but instead of downloading, you got automatic playback? This is how some browsers behave. To still download the desired video, right-click directly on the video to bring up the menu, and in it select "Save As ...".

To download the desired video from the Twitter social network, you can also use a special extension for the Chrome browser, the StreamFab Youtube Downloader Pro comprehensive program, or one of the downloader sites. Let's take a look at each of these methods.

Browser add-on for Twitter video downloads

Constantly faced with the need to download videos from Twitter? If you have to do this often, you need a faster way. The SssTwitter online service provides an extension that is built into Chrome and Opera browsers. You can install it by clicking on one of the links that are on the service page at the top.

No browser jams from tweet tabs! No adding letters to every link! After installing the extension, a green “Download” button will appear next to the Tweet containing the video. Click on it - and you will be redirected to a page with a choice of the quality level of the downloaded video.

How to download Twitter videos | Press the green button

How to use StreamFab Youtube Downloader Pro

StreamFab Youtube Downloader Pro is a real find for those who need to constantly download videos from social networks. Don't let the word Youtube fool you. With its help, you can upload video files of very decent quality from many popular sites.

Action algorithm:

1. Download, install and run the StreamFab program. During the installation process, it will ask for various permissions - let's be bold. Since you are interested in Twitter, click on the corresponding icon in the main window.

How to download Twitter videos | Choose Twitter

2. Twitter will open in front of you. Find here the tweet with the video you need to download and open it to play.

How to download Twitter videos | Start the video

3. See the orange Download button? By clicking on it, you will start downloading an open video.

How to download Twitter videos | Press the orange button

Third party sites to download videos from Twitter

An equally convenient way to download your favorite video from Twitter is third-party downloader sites. Here are some examples:

  • The site offers the fastest loading that a server with high performance provides it. If you don't like to wait or your work requires speed, it is better to choose it.
  • SaveTweetVid. A free tool to "pull" videos from Twitter. As a nice bonus, you will also receive the conversion of the downloaded file to MP3 and MP4 formats. It is convenient to use it not only on a PC, but also on a phone.
  • Twitter Video Downloader. A popular site thanks to which you can upload both videos and GIFs from Twitter directly to your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

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