I'm talking about one of the aspects of using this popular platform - how to change Reddit username.

First page of the Internet. Melting pot, where an impressive fusion of media, various subcultures, humor, gossip and discussions on serious topics is formed. traffic generator. All of these metaphors refer to the unique phenomenon of the Internet - the Reddit platform.

According to Statista, there were about 1.7 billion visits to the Reddit website in May 2022. That is, Reddit continues to be one of the most visited websites on the Internet.

What is Reddit

Reddit is a forum, news aggregator and social network that make up a single platform. Within the platform, there are more than 130 thousand forums and communities of various subjects (the so-called subreddits). Each registrant has the right to post their content and express their attitude (for or against) to the content proposed by other forum participants. Each member can form a subreddit on some topic. And post content as you see fit. Community members are free to discuss and comment. However, freedom does not mean permissiveness. The rules adopted in Reddit must be strictly observed.

The most popular posts from subreddits are published on the main page.

Unlike Facebook, content on Reddit is moderated not by algorithms, but by real people. Active subreddit members can become moderators and administrators of the discussion.

The lion's share of Reddit traffic comes from anglophone countries - USA (47%), Great Britain (7%), Canada (7%), Australia, India.

The funny alien Snoo has become the logo and mascot of Reddit.

Why Reddit is so popular

The platform is justifiably called the front page of the internet. In the spring of 2022, Reddit became the sixth most visited site in the US and the ninth in the world. Reddit's daily audience has reached 52 million active users.

An indicator of the popularity of Reddit can be a comparison of the time that the average user spends on this platform per day.

For Reddit, this figure is about 15 minutes, for Facebook - 10 minutes 37 seconds, Twitter - a little more than 6 minutes.

One reason for Reddit's popularity is its relative anonymity. It is not accepted or recommended here to use real names (or year of birth) in usernames. British researcher Tim Squirrel once aptly remarked: "Facebook is people you know and who share something you don't care about. Reddit is what you care about and people you don't know."

The next reason for its popularity is that, unlike Facebook, the Reddit algorithm is more transparent. Here it is easier to find groups that the user likes. The diversity of topics, the activity of discussions, the commitment of participants to their communities is many times greater than what is happening on Facebook.

Reddit has become a convenient tool for solving various problems. Thousands of subreddits on every conceivable topic keep the user up to date with both important news and social gossip.

Many famous memes and viral videos were born on Reddit. And then they already gained fame in other social networks.

What you should know about usernames on Reddit

Signing up for a Reddit account can be done through email, Google accounts, or Apple accounts. When registering, each new user receives a unique name. It is displayed in every comment of the user and in every post. Those who sign up through accounts are given a randomly assigned name.

According to Reddit rules, if an account is created using Apple ID or Google accounts, then it is allowed to change the username assigned by the platform within 30 days. After this, changing the username is prohibited.

Why such restrictions? After changing Reddit username , you have to update the database fields. These are comments, materials and messages that the user either interacted with or created himself. And you need to make an update not only in the user account. But also repeat the update in millions of accounts.

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Many social media platforms are up to the task. The Reddit platform is not, as it is built on a NoSQL database.

There is also a positive side to the ban on changing the username. Reddit is fighting cybercriminals.

It would seem that Reddit change username becomes an insurmountable obstacle. However, users have found a way out. If it becomes necessary to change my username on Reddit, then a new account is simply registered. Let's see how to change username on Reddit desktop and how to change username on Reddit mobile.

How to change Reddit username on desktop

Can you change your Reddit username?   There is nothing difficult in this process.

Let me remind you again that a new account is used to change the username.

So, open a web browser on your desktop, go to the Reddit website. So far, you are looking at it as an unregistered user. Click Sign Up to create an account.

Click Sign Up to create an account.

At this stage, you need to choose a method for creating it (e-mail, Google Account, Apple ID). Let me remind you that if the account is created through Google Account and Apple ID, then you can change the username assigned by the platform during the month.

You need to choose how to create an account

In this example, we register with a Google Account. After specifying the registration method, complete all the requested steps and complete the registration procedure.

Complete the registration process

Now open Reddit already as a registered user. In the upper right corner, a panel with the assigned name appeared. And a proposal to change it. Do what you started it all for - change your username. To do this, click on Change Username.

Open Reddit as a Registered User

In the panel that opens, enter in the field the name that you want to replace the automatically assigned username with. Then click Continue and Save Username in sequence.

Click Continue and Save Username

A confirmation of the changes made will appear on the screen.

Next, I will tell you how to change username on Reddit app.

How to change Reddit username on phone

I tell you how to change Reddit username on phone.

Create a new account on Reddit;

Create a new account on Reddit

Log in to the app and click on the new profile avatar in the top left corner of the Reddit panel;

In the menu that opens, click My profile ;

Click on My profile

You will be prompted to change your username. Click on the blue Change Username button;

Click on the Change Username button

Enter the desired username in the input field and click Next ;

Click on the Save Username button

A screen will ask you to confirm the new username. Click on the Save Username button.

Bottom Line

Now you know how do you change your username in Reddit on the mobile app or platform website.

Use the option that suits you best. But don't forget that you didn't actually change the username. Just set up a new account with a different name.


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