The capitalization of Nvidia Corporation for the first time exceeded $1 trillion. In the whole world, only 8 companies have managed to achieve such a high level. Nvidia joined their ranks, becoming the ninth. Today, only 5 of them consistently maintain this level of market value: Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Saudi Aramco. If we consider only those enterprises that produce computer chips, only Nvidia was able to achieve such an indicator. Thus, it has become the undisputed leader in its industry.

According to the financial results of the first quarter, Nvidia showed more than $2 billion in revenue. This is the second significant rise. The first occurred at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). At that time, the whole world experienced a shortage of graphics processors, which were urgently needed for computer games and cryptocurrency mining. The current situation played into the hands of the company and brought it good benefits. Nvidia's analysts' forecast for the second quarter results is very encouraging: according to their calculations, April-June revenue should be at least 50% higher than Wall Street estimates.

At the end of May, the value of shares of the leader of the semiconductor industry increased by approximately a quarter. Such a sharp rise in price can be explained by an increase in the demand for artificial intelligence technologies. Nvidia makes chips, enterprise systems, and software that support generative AI. It was who became the basis for today's popular chatbots Google Bard, Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT, the neural network for digital art DALL-E and their other analogues.

At the recently held Computex 2023 technology show in Taipei, Taiwan, Nvidia mainly presented AI. It presented computer games equipped with the Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) service, which supports NLP methods, as well as the DGX GH200 supercomputer based on the innovative Grace Hopper super chip. A set of 256 super chips delivers 1 exaflops of AI performance.

Nvidia can maintain a capitalization level of $1 trillion on one condition: its share price must not be less than $404.86. According to the data received from the NASDAQ exchange, it has already managed to sink below this amount. This means that currently, the company has lost its status as a trillionaire.