Instagram is known as a popular entertaining platform where users share their photos and videos. Large brands are also present here to promote their products, increase reach and work with an audience. And after all, you can make good money on Instagram.

1. Ads on a blog
2. Sale of goods
3. Sales of services from an expert brand
4. Content creation for stories and posts
5. Administration and promotion of other people's accounts
6. Conclusion. Making money on Instagram


Instagram has a large audience. According to research, in Ukraine alone, over 11 million people are registered on this social network. 64% of Instagram users aged from 18 to 35 that is an adult and solvent audience. It means that you can and should promote your goods and services here.

We have prepared the five most effective ways for you to turn Instagram into a source of money. Some of them do not need their own account, which will appeal to the ones, who do not like publicity and do not want to upload personal photos to the network.

Ads on a blog

According to statistics from the ADinBlog service, over 2,300 paid posts are placed on Instagram every day. The segment of the former CIS covers only $ 165 million. It is the combined income of bloggers and celebrities for advertising on their pages. 

Bloggers who have from 15 to 50 thousand subscribers work most actively with the audience. They regularly find new ways to promote their account, while their pages are not over-packed with ads.

There are two main ways to promote your blog:

  • Personal brand development
  • Public promotion

Mom's blogs and lifestyle topics are very popular, but they have high competition. For this reason, many blogs have to change or expand their topics from time to time. Popular and successfully developing pages often use topics like humor, money, cinema.

How to make a blog successful?

  • Choose a topic, come up with your own unique ‘schtick’. It can be an interesting story, a unique design, a unique style to present materials;
  • Write the bulk of the content in advance, select photographic and video material, etc;
  • Fill in the profile header wisely: tell your subscribers about yourself and what they will find here;
  • Post regularly - stories, posts, videos;
  • Set up a target, mutual PR, use special services to attract subscribers.

Services for attracting subscribers are the most optimal way to gain the required number of followers in a short time since offers from advertisers are received after about 10 thousand. Pages with ten or more thousand subscribers can already mark advertisers and post links to stories.

Sale of goods on Instagram

Sale of goods

To successfully manage an Instagram account, a business owner does not need to have a well-promoted brand. On the contrary, the social network will help promote local business: cafes, gyms, shops, fast food restaurants, beauty salons, private clinics, or dentistry.

The main requirement to promote your business on Instagram successfully is attracting local subscribers. To do this, you must add geolocation to the account:

  • add city/town, district, street;
  • use local hashtags like #londonpizza;
  • use geotags in your publications.

Sales of services from an expert brand

Unlike bloggers, experts promote themselves first. They share useful information with their audience, thereby earning followers' trust and respect. When a certain status is reached, they start offering their services.

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  • trainings;
  • webinars;
  • consultations;
  • various courses.

Experts can sell information products without revealing their identity. This is what the famous blogger @tinder_dnevnik does. Nobody knows for sure who this person is, but it does not prevent him from successfully developing his account, organizing various marathons for those who want to find love and build relationships.

The main rule for the successful management of an expert blog is that it should not be boring for followers, and the information in it should not be presented in the form of a canvas with pallid information. To attract and retain the audience, an expert cannot go without blogging skills, for example:

  • the text should be easily accessible, interesting, and informative;
  • the information you share about yourself helps to get closer to subscribers
  • discussion of topics that are popular and relevant, sharing your opinion with followers;
  • frequent publication of photos and videos - these are the most popular content formats.

Today Instagram is one of the most prospective platforms for making money on expert blogs because:

  • you can post different types of content like texts, photos, and videos;
  • you can post a description of cases from your practice;
  • you can communicate and quickly get feedback;
  • experts can offer their followers information products by link or online;
  • If a publication is popular, Instagram will promote it with its algorithms.

Despite some differences in promotion, an expert brand is promoted the same way as a blog.

Content creation for stories and posts

If you are talented at writing high-quality text, drawing, photographing, shooting interesting videos, and processing them, you can also earn money on Instagram:

  • write content for posts
  • write scripts for videos
  • shoot videos for brand pages; 
  • process video for stories, IGTV;
  • create images;
  • take pictures or shoot videos for targeting;
  • organize photo sessions for commercial and personal pages.

There are many opportunities to make money, so you should choose what you do best and offer your services. You can search for clients in lots of ways: freelance exchanges, thematic telegram channels, and communities in social networks.

Promotion of other people's accounts

Administration and promotion of other people's accounts

If you do not want to register and develop your account, you can promote customer pages on a paid basis. This in-demand niche is called SMM that includes modern Internet professions.

In-demand specializations:

  • SMM manager thinks over a content strategy, comes up with a design, posts content (photo, text, video) interacts with bloggers - influencer marketing;
  • The targeting specialist is engaged in setting up and launching targeted ad campaigns;
  • The administrator communicates with users in the comments, supports activity on the page in various ways, for example, by organizing contests, sweepstakes, etc. The administrator also works with advertisers.

Due to the demand for specializations, targeting and SMM specialists can work with social media accounts as well as work for any company in the marketing department or for a marketing agency. Actually, they can work both remotely and from the office. But administrators often work for themselves, since companies rarely have such a position.

These ways to make money have several main advantages: a person is unlimited by the wage rate and can work with several projects at once, choosing between an office and freelance.

Conclusion. Making money on Instagram

We described 5 popular ways to make money on Instagram. Choose the one you like the most, and your work will become easier. On Instagram, you can make money without investments. But without making efforts or constantly improving your skills, nothing will work. We wish you successful advertising campaigns and effective account promotion! Try and you will certainly succeed in it.


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