What happened on TikTok today? Today it is exactly the social network where it is easiest to catch a wave of popularity. Some business representatives are prevented from doing this by the numerous myths that it has acquired. Some consider it a place where teenagers show off in front of their peers, others are convinced that it is absolutely unsuitable for promotion. From our article, you will learn about the most common myths about this social network and what the reality is.

Myth 1. TikTok is only used by youngsters

This myth is debunked by the latest statistics of the social network, according to which 50% of all its users are aged 16-24. In addition, the TikTok audience continues to “age”. Already, there is a significant influx of representatives of the “25+” category, and in China, where this social network appeared first, most TikTokers are between 24 and 34 years old.

Half of TikTok users are 16-24

Note to doubting businessmen: in 2-3 years, yesterday's minors will become older, therefore, in addition to active marketing work with solvent users, it is recommended to pay attention to the younger generation. Building a loyal audience is a good start for the future.

You won’t be able to see a child on TikTok at all – the law prohibits using this social network under the age of 13. Severe algorithms take this rule so seriously that they may well remove a video even with a too young-looking girl.

Myth 2. Promoting a TikTok business account is impossible

But no one promised that it would be easy. At the same time, it is also wrong to say that it is unrealistic to popularize a business profile. Of course, there are plenty of examples on TikTok of branded pages for bedding, underwear, clothing, shoes, and homeware brands that have failed to rise. Usually unsatisfactory results are obtained by those companies that have not found a common language with their target audience. Many entrepreneurs forget that tiktokers do not accept inflated statuses and regalia, excessive stiffness and narcissism. The product in this social network should be shown, demonstrating along the way a sparkling sense of humor and giving recommendations on style. Also, most users like to look at interesting life hacks and backstage shots.

The most popular TikTok video with the maximum number of views: testimonials and reviews, expert opinions and life hacks, exciting challenges and fun employees.

Myth 3. TikTok promotion is not available for every niche

This is absolutely not true. In fact, on TikTok, you can successfully promote a business from any niche, provided that the content is properly adapted to the needs of the target audience. It will just be easier for one to do it, and more difficult for the other. The easiest way to promote here is a dance school or studio, a sports club, online training courses and individual tutoring, various projects in the field of entertainment, since the very concept of a social network maximally matches the needs of the clients of these organizations and institutions.

Let's illustrate with an example. To promote a business page from the training segment, you can from time to time post content on the topic of how-to and DIY. One of the ideas is a video with life hacks on how to revive old things.

And another argument that dispels this myth. Famous brands, large world-famous companies (McDonald's, Adidas, Maybelline) actively maintain their TikTok accounts. For each video, the script is carefully worked out, the shooting takes place in the studio. So, if such “heavyweights” are moving forward here, the possibilities of this social network should clearly not be underestimated.

Myth 4. TikTok advertising is difficult and expensive

Targeters who are used to working with Instagram will really have to stretch a little, because in TikTok they will need to learn a lot of things that they have not encountered before. However, the promotion goals here are no different from other sites. In the same way, an advertising specialist will work on reach, traffic, mobile app installs, video views, and website conversions. But the cost of advertising on TikTok is much lower than on other social networks, so the reasoning about the high cost does not correspond to reality. The budget can be allocated for one day or immediately for the entire period. The figure is fixed in dollars.

Many are intimidated by the requirement to spend at least $20 a day to reach one segment of the audience with advertising. Fortunately, this limitation can be bypassed - you just need to make the lowest bet. Then the system will cut the coverage of the advertising campaign, and you will save.

Myth 5. For promotion, it is necessary to order advertising from influencers

It is not true. If someone convinces you of this, you can hardly call him a promotion specialist. Most likely, he unprofessional dragged this judgment from Instagram. The thing is, TikTok is not Instagram. Accordingly, the methods of promotion in these social networks will also differ. What works with a bang in the second does not work at all in the first.

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On TikTok, face-to-face interaction between users is kept to a minimum to avoid migrating followers from one profile to another. Here, no one writes in a "PM" or "Direct" – such a function is simply absent. To send someone a private message, you must first make a mutual subscription (this happens extremely rarely). The algorithms that the video tape obeys slip the user videos of the most interesting authors, to whom he is most likely to subscribe. But the videos of users marked on them will be hidden below, so only a few will subscribe to them. Thus, even if you are tagged by the largest influencer, the number of clicks to your page from him and subscriptions will not please you at all. In TikTok, such interaction is not technically implemented. Therefore, you do not need to order advertising from influencers here.

Myth 6. You need to buy expensive equipment to shoot videos

No major investment is needed. You can get millions of views by shooting a video with the simplest smartphone, and not even get a few dozen for a “masterpiece” recorded on the most expensive video camera. The most important thing is that the video should be of high quality (resolution) and with clear sound without any extraneous interference. Good lighting is also very important.

List of required equipment:

  • a smartphone with the most powerful camera (within the framework of a personal financial opportunity);
  • selfie lamp and tripod;
  • headset (if original sound is important).
Shooting a video with the simplest smartphone

For some reason, some are convinced that by shooting a video against the backdrop of fashionable purple or blue neon lights, you can significantly increase your chances of getting into the top. This is also one of the popular myths, believing that novice tiktokers run to buy the coveted device. In fact, the connection between a colored LED and TikTok algorithms is the same as between a butterfly and a Japanese volcano – that is, absolutely none.

Myth 7. Only people with perfect appearance can shoot videos

TikTok is the most loyal social network that accepts every tiktoker for who they are. Do not listen to all sorts of fables, but rather take a closer look yourself: people with dermatological problems and other pathologies freely jump into the “recs”, gain popularity and receive an incredible number of views.

TikTok is a platform where naturalness and honesty are valued. Therefore, the girl does not need to apply a major make-up before shooting each 15-second video. If you are very shy, the social network offers virtual masks that look quite natural on the face and do not “fly off” even when moving.

Myth 8. Every video gets recommended

Of course not. The algorithm for selecting videos for recommendations is not known to anyone (probably, except for the developers themselves) and changes periodically. And yet there are a few rules, adhering to which, you can increase your chances of getting into the "recs":

  1. Feel your target audience: understand its tastes and guess preferences.
  2. Adjust the content plan, focusing on the reaction of the target audience to a particular topic, heading or method of presenting content.
  3. Maintain posting frequency. At least once every 2 days, the best option is daily. If you have just signed up for a social network, you will have to post 5 to 10 videos a day at first.
Maintain posting frequency on TikTok

Remember that trying to take quantity at the expense of quality will not end in anything good for promotion. If there are too few views, try changing the topic or format of the information.

Myth 9. Don't upload video on TikTok for more than 30 days, your account will be banned

It is not true. Let's see where this argument comes from. For some reason, many tiktokers are sure that by creating a new account, you can increase your chances of getting into the top. What will happen to the old one then?

If the owner of the profile is not on TikTok for a long time, the account "falls into hibernation." Videos published after a 30-day break will gain fewer views - not to teach a lesson to the “truant” Tiktoker, but because the social network algorithm works this way. Bringing the account back to life after such a long break will be difficult, but still possible.

Myth 10. TikTok is temporary

In September 2022, TikTok will be 6 years old. It managed to survive the crisis associated with Trump's bans, as well as a huge number of legal and bureaucratic nuances regarding the location of most of ByteDance's shares (in China or the United States). If after all this it has not broken down and continues to function as if nothing had happened, then it will definitely not disappear anywhere. Moreover, today TikTok is not just a fashionable social network, but one of the forms of virtual reality.

Not so long ago, the algorithms changed again, and now it has become a little more difficult to gain views than, for example, in 2021. Then the user could shoot a video of mediocre quality on any topic and not even bother with editing and editing. Surprisingly, such a video easily and naturally gained millions of views.

If you still have doubts, look at the well-known global brands that are present on TikTok. Would they spend time and invest here if this social network was a temporary phenomenon?

Summing up

Despite the spread of myths and rumors, more and more people are convinced that TikTok platform is a powerful promotion tool. Marketers are already taking full advantage of the human tendency to “stick” to short videos to stimulate sales. The advantage of TikTok as an advertising platform is that today there is enough wiggle room, and if you shoot really interesting content, you can count on appreciative followers.


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