Both small and large business owners and individuals with websites have some SEO issues to avoid. Some who are aware look for how to fix SEO issues. However, there are many who do not know how to avoid them. You need to identify the SEO issues that your site is exposed to and address them promptly. It will help optimize the website and ensure it does not give you any issues in ranking it. So, what are the top SEO mistakes to avoid?

Low site speed

The first top SEO mistake to avoid is low site speed. Unfortunately, even with Google page speed insights, most website owners have not maximized this to help them see which part of their websites or pages is preventing fast loading speed.

The disadvantage of low-site speed is that most visitors to your website do not have the time to waste waiting for a site to load, and Google will not favor a site with a low speed. This means that a website will miss ranking and visitors.

The best way to fix this issue is to use Google page speed insights to find out the cause of the low site speed; another thing is to optimize the website entirely. Images can be the reason sites do not load quickly, so try to resize images and optimize them. Additionally, your theme or plugins may be the issue. Therefore, you also have to look into it.

Not using keywords

The second SEO mistake to avoid in 2023 is not using keywords. Keywords have been seen as a helpful method for getting website traffic. Therefore, when your content is not optimized with keywords, it is hard for you to get new visitors to your website. 

Using only general keywords in text is a common mistake website owners make. What generic keyword means is that your sites may not be able to get traffic for those popular search queries because you will be competing with a more extensive website.

What you have to do is use long tail keywords. These long-tail keywords are more specific to your website. Moreover, it is what your visitors will type in to produce results, and you will be able to drive in the traffic you need. It is not advisable to write content only with critical keywords because it will be hard for you to rank on them, so add long tail keywords today.

Not having data security

Many website owners think that SSL certificate is not a part of SEO strategy. However, Google also recommends SSL certificate as a secure status of a website.

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Not optimized metadata

Metadata, which comprises description and page title, is what is used to invite people to your website because it appears on search engine result pages (SERPs) when queries relating to what is available on your website are keyed in.

SSL certificate costs for purchase or renew SSL certificate is now decreased due to availability and awareness among organizations. Ensuring that you have fully optimized your metadata and including specific keywords will help significantly in driving traffic. To avoid these common SEO mistakes, ensure a keyword in your metadata and that the data is clear.

Site is not mobile optimized

SEO mistakes to avoid in 2023 are websites not being mobile-friendly. Website owners sometimes fail to check the responsiveness of their website on mobile devices because they built it on a desktop. On the other hand, Google looks at a website's responsiveness on a mobile device to rank it.

With website visitors using mobile devices to visit a website, it is essential to ensure a website is mobile-friendly. You can use your mobile device to check if your website is mobile-friendly and adjust accordingly if it is not.

Low-quality content

Your website must contain 300 words or more of quality content on every page. Avoid writing content that is less than 300 words. Google needs sufficient material to identify what your website is about and whether you can provide the answer consumers are looking for. 

When you have only written two short pieces of content about a subject, you cannot expect Google to regard you as an authority on the subject. The data tells Google that your page probably is not an excellent match for the search term.

You should not only write for Google, but also for your readers. The goal of Google is to categorize information and deliver the best solutions. The best course of action is to produce audience-relevant, high-quality content. 

Even regarding SEO and achieving good Google rankings, writing original material demonstrating your knowledge is the definition of quality content. The practice of merely cramming keywords into your writing has long since passed. Text should be simple to read and match to the needs of users. Your website's content must also be original, readable, and unique.


Now you know the top SEO mistakes that should be avoided. In addition, how to fix SEO issues. You should not feel overwhelmed and worry about the areas you have not done well previously. It is better if you focus on enhancing and correcting these mistakes. The basics are to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, has good keywords, and is well optimized and protected to build trust with your visitors. Ensure your content meets the needs of your visitors.


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