Analytical data provided by the reputable company SimilarWeb indicates that the new social network Threads has encountered a significant reduction in the activity of its registered users. This major drop in this metric is recorded for the first time after reaching record highs. Just on July 7th, the DAU (daily active users) of the app was at the 49 million mark, but already after 7 days, on July 14th, it plummeted to 23.6 million. The highest engagement since the social network's launch was observed among users from the USA. They spent 21 minutes a day on it. Now, Americans spend just over 6 minutes on it over the same period.

Adam Mosseri, the head of the popular social network Instagram, part of the Meta conglomerate, commented on the sharp change in Threads users' behavior. He noted that the company has not yet focused on engagement indicators. Today, according to him, it is working on overcoming the peaks and downturns typical of any IT product that has recently entered the market. In addition to this, its specialists are actively working on implementing new functionality, methods of improving performance, and the app's rating, and they are also dealing with the problem of network spam.

From an analyst's perspective, the Threads social network has a good chance of becoming one of the most popular on the internet. However, to achieve such a large-scale goal, the team working on its development will have to, as they say, jump over their heads. For example, Anthony Bartolacci, who holds the post of Sales Managing Director at Sensor Tower, is convinced that for this, the platform must become something much more than "Twitter without Elon Musk". Rapid expansion of functionality, quick resolution of emerging problems, and scaling to EU countries are the first steps that will bring closer to the desired result.

Interesting point: the significant drop in DAU and engagement indicators did not negatively affect the growth momentum of Threads. In just six days, this app has been installed on Android and iOS devices 150 million times. Thus, Mark Zuckerberg's new social network broke the absolute record set in 2016 by the multiplayer AR game Pokémon GO. Currently, the number of WAU (weekly active users) on the platform has reached 20% of the same Twitter metric. As of July 18, 114 million people had already registered accounts on Threads.