OpenAI is gearing up to unveil its GPTs marketplace, featuring custom applications built on its advanced AI models like GPT-4, in the upcoming week. This initiative, named the GPTs Store, was first revealed at OpenAI’s DevDay conference last year. However, its launch was postponed, likely influenced by the significant organizational changes that took place in November, shortly after the original announcement.

These GPT apps, accessible to users without any coding expertise, range in functionality from simple to complex. For example, GPTs application can be trained with a collection of specialized data to provide information on specific queries. Alternatively, it could analyze a company’s unique codebase, assisting developers in adhering to coding standards or generating code that aligns with established best practices.

OpenAI's GPT Builder, a user-friendly tool, enables developers to create AI-driven chatbots by simply describing the desired functions in everyday language. Since shortly after DevDay, developers have had the capability to design and share their GPT creations on the ChatGPT website, although these weren’t available for public listing. It remains to be seen whether the GPTs Store will include any form of revenue-sharing model upon its launch. The introduction of GPTs is poised to make the creation of generative AI apps more accessible, particularly those utilizing OpenAI's suite of models.