Shortly after launching a Copilot application for Android, Microsoft has now introduced its AI chatbot application for iOS and iPadOS. These apps are accessible for download from the Apple App Store.

This new app provides access to Microsoft Copilot (previously known as Bing Chat) and functions in a manner akin to OpenAI's ChatGPT mobile application. It enables users to pose questions, compose emails, and condense texts. Additionally, it features the capability to generate images via an integration with the DALL-E 3 text-to-image generator.

A significant advantage of Copilot over the complimentary version of ChatGPT, which utilizes GPT-3.5, is that Copilot offers access to GPT-4, the most recent advanced language model from OpenAI, without requiring a subscription fee.

By renaming Bing Chat to Copilot, Microsoft is aiming to provide an independent service comparable to ChatGPT. Microsoft has not only introduced applications for both Android and Apple gadgets but also developed a distinct web platform for Copilot, independent of Bing.