In the world of artificial intelligence technologies, 2023 was marked by the emergence of revolutionary new products. This is precisely how one can characterize the Cloudflare AI platform, presented by the tech giant Cloudflare. This company has long won the trust of clients through the provision of CDN services, protection against DDoS attacks, ensuring secure access to online resources, and maintaining DNS servers. Now it has decided to enter the AI market. The goal of the platform is to provide developers with the tools to create, deploy, and efficiently scale AI services on the Cloudflare network. Main advantages: no need to have your own servers, as well as quick and easy infrastructure management without unnecessary problems. The ability to create plugins for the popular ChatGPT, powered by Cloudflare AI, makes it even more versatile.

What exactly does the new platform offer? Among the tools presented on it, it is worth highlighting:

  • Workers AI is a tool that optimizes work with GPUs. It identifies the closest GPUs to the user from a list of Cloudflare partners and provides access to them to run AI models. The cost of use is calculated solely based on the facts of their operation, making the process economically profitable.
  • Vectorize is a database of vector representations generated using Workers AI models.
  • AI Gateway is an application that provides analytics to understand the financial costs of AI services and their management.

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, shared his vision of innovation. In his opinion, Cloudflare AI helps create and tune AI models and solves the difficult financial problems associated with the deployment of such systems. In addition, Prince noted the reliability of customer data protection provided by their platform and clarified that the new set of tools was developed in response to requests from users who want an intuitive, reliable and cost-effective product for high-quality work with AI.