From a marketing perspective, Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for entrepreneurs and influencers. Why? The resource has a huge number of users: more than 2.5 billion worldwide. This means that businessmen and bloggers have the opportunity to reach a large audience and turn them into fans or customers. Secondly, the site has a bunch of options for interacting with users: through comments, posts, reviews, discussions, and so on. This allows you to establish a connection with the target audience, find out their opinions, solve the problem and subsequently create loyalty to you. Plus, of course, the platform provides analytics tools that allow you to track the results of marketing strategies and make changes if necessary. 

However, there is one "but": intense competition. Without creating a working strategy and adding powerful tools to it, all your efforts will be in vain - competitors will overtake you in no time. It's no secret that statistics are formed from several statistical indicators at once, but few people know that friends also play an important role here. They are like direct proof that you, as an author, can be trusted - you have a huge number of connections, which indicates your competitiveness. 

A lot has been written about how to get more followers, likes, comments, etc., while less is known about working strategies for attracting friends. But this information is necessary if you plan to develop your account here and create a stunning online image. In this article, we’ll share the 5 best ways to get more friends, including buying Facebook friends so that you can improve your stats and expand your audience in two clicks. Keep reading!

Find Your Real Friends

Before you start using any tools and attracting an audience with them, try to find your friends online. At the initial stage, the search for real friends can become a fulcrum for further advancement. Think about who you could add as friends? These may be your old acquaintances, work colleagues, classmates, school graduates whom you know and others.

Facebook friends

The most interesting thing is that if your profile is completely filled out (you’ve added your place of work, school, university and your other data), you’ll be able to easily find friends through offers from the platform itself. Update your profile if you haven't already and find more friends now.

All you need to know to find friends is their first and last names. It's great if you remember what your friends or colleagues look like, in this case the search will be simplified - you’ll recognize them by the main profile photo.

Join Groups

There is a wide variety of thematic groups on Facebook - from amateur to professional. Here people communicate on different topics: new technologies, marketing, beauty, design, fashion, artificial intelligence and more. Groups can be different in size, but nevertheless you can find like-minded people in them and eventually make new friends online. 

Joining the relevant groups is a great way to start strengthening your position on the resource and become more visible to users in general. In groups, you can become a real expert and really make friends with people who have similar interests to you. 

There are a few rules you need to know: don't join groups if you're not interested in the topic or don't know what to say. Such actions will not lead you to success, on the contrary, members will think that you came here to benefit. Join only those groups in which you can express an expert opinion or would like to learn more about a particular topic. 

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One more rule: don't be silent. If you decide to get more new friends, you should be more active and express yourself in the group. As an example, you can tell about yourself after joining the group or support the current discussion.

Consider Investing in Your Account

Sometimes, to get the result, it is not enough to have a great desire and make enough effort. Unlike followers, likes and other interactions, increasing friends can be a real challenge for you: users don't become friends just like that. Before your friend base increases, you’ll have to go through a difficult path and really put in a lot of effort. However, you should be aware of the possibility of purchasing real friends on FB. 

This option is available on the websites of advertising companies, it includes the delivery of genuine friends to your account. That is, you don’t interact with computer bots or fakes, real users who cooperate with PR companies send friend requests to your page. 

This service can be useful if, for example, you don’t have the resources or time to develop your account and want to get the desired number of friends here and now. The provider will take on all the tasks related to the expansion of the audience, you don’t have to take an active part. 

But keep in mind that this option has something bad: unscrupulous companies. Unfortunately, from time to time, influencers and entrepreneurs complain about the delivery of low-quality friends. Instead of real ones, they get fake ones, which leads to a deterioration in the statistics and rating of the account. To avoid such problems, check the information about the service twice: analyze the reviews, the company's website and check all details with the manager. In this case, you minimize the chances of getting a low-quality service and wasting money. Invest wisely!

Be a Part of Facebook Community

Activity on the platform is one of the main keys to success in terms of establishing relationships with users. To win the attention of the audience, you’ll need to: write expert niche posts, communicate in comments, like other people's messages and participate in discussions. All this is not a whim, but a necessity if you have the goal of expanding reach and improving engagement. 

The main idea is to show that you are a real person. At the same time, it doesn’t matter whether you represent the company or yourself as an influencer, you need to be on the same wavelength with users. Be sincere and don’t try to be someone you aren’t, otherwise potential new friends may perceive you negatively. Don't spam - it's better to spend a little more time to find interesting content for you and leave valuable, useful and interesting comments. 

Becoming a part of a large community will make it much easier to get new friends. People will start sending you friend requests themselves, and after a while you’ll be surprised how quickly your audience has expanded.

Share Content on Other Social Platforms

Social Platforms

If you don't have enough friends who are on FB today, start attracting them from other social networks. It doesn't take much to do that: select some of the most interesting and discussed publications on your page and share them with users outside of Facebook. You can share posts on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and even TikTok if you want. This way you’ll attract more audience to your profile, and, accordingly, increase the chances of getting new friends organically and for free. 

This way is one of the most effective, but only if you have followers on other sites. Otherwise, the result may be less impressive, but nevertheless, don’t give up trying to attract new friends from outside, even if the promotion takes some time.


Increasing friends is not an easy task. To achieve your goal and become more competitive here, you’ll have to make an effort, spend your time and even invest a little if necessary. But promotion on the platform is not rocket science or trigonometry, you’ll get what you want if you’re consistent in your actions and put into practice the strategies that we shared above. We wish you success!


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