Are you regularly transferring new leads from Facebook to Hubspot CRM? After reading this article, you will learn how to quickly and easily automate the data transfer process. We'll go through a step-by-step guide to setting up Facebook and Hubspot integration. As a result, all new leads from the social network will be automatically transferred to the CRM system.

1. How to set up Facebook Leads and Hubspot integration
2. Connect Facebook
3. Connect Hubspot CRM
4. Enable auto-update
5. Integration result


Multifunctionality and user-friendly interface have made Hubspot one of the most popular systems in its segment. The presence of modules for different tasks, as well as flexible settings, allow businesses to create a comfortable and efficient workspace. Hubspot users can manage sales, automate marketing, track customer activity, set up business communications, publish content, and more.

Hubspot CRM has a fairly simple and straightforward structure. The main entities are contacts, deals, companies. Each section can be customized to suit your needs. Hubspot allows you to efficiently store and process contact information. In the card, you can create deals, tasks, notes, and add attachments. In addition, the manager, without leaving the contact, has the ability to send E-Mail or make a call via IP-telephony.

When a phone or email enters the CRM system, the manager begins to build communication with the client. Contacts can be collected from different channels. For example, from the social networks Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook Lead Ads advertising tool allows you to create lead forms to collect leads and contact information. It is important to remember that lead processing speed affects sales conversion. That is why a request from a social network should quickly get into the CRM system. This is easy to achieve with Facebook and Hubspot integration. If you link the two systems, you can set up automatic export of new Facebook leads to Hubspot CRM as contacts.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Contacts in Hubspot CRM

How to set up Facebook Leads and Hubspot integration

The SaveMyLeads service is a no-code tool for combining a Facebook advertising account with other systems. You have the opportunity to set up automatic transfer of Facebook leads to CRM, Email and SMS services, instant messengers, chat bots, Google services, etc. To work in the SaveMyLeads system, you do not need programming knowledge or special skills. The SML service offers a simple interface and a clear setup procedure.

To start working with the SML service, you need to register. You can also use authorization through your Google or Facebook accounts. Create a new connection in your personal account.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Create a new connection

We are offered a list of ready-made templates for setting up integrations with different services. Select “Hubspot (Create Contacts)”.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Select “Hubspot (Create Contacts)”

Connect Facebook

Connect your Facebook account to the SaveMyLeads system.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Connect Facebook account

Log in to FB.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Log in to FB

Go to settings.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Go to settings

Select promotional pages. You can mark all available pages at once.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Select promotional pages

Grant the necessary access to the SML service.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Grant the necessary access to the SML

Facebook account has been successfully added to the SML system.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | FB account has been successfully added

The added FB account appeared in the list of available ones.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | The FB account in the list of available ones

To finish setting up the data source, you need to define two required parameters — an advertising page and a lead form. After that, click “Continue”.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Define the required parameters

If you want to upload data for several lead forms at once, then make a separate connection for each of them.

Connect Hubspot CRM

Now let's set up the receiving system. Connect your Hubspot account.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Connect Hubspot account

To add a Hubspot account to the SML system, you must specify an API Key.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | You must specify an API Key

In your Hubspot account, go to profile settings.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | In Hubspot go to profile settings

We are interested in the “Integrations” section and the “API Key” tab. Here you can create an API Key. If there is already an active key, click “Show”.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Click "Show" in API Key section

Copy the API Key.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Copy the API Key

Return to the SaveMyLeads system, fill in the “API Key” field and save the connection.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | In SML system fill in the “API Key” field

Hubspot account appeared in the list of available.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Hubspot account appeared in the list of available

We need to decide on the contents of the Hubspot fields that will be used to create new contacts. The SML system offers a preset option, but each field can be configured manually. To assign a variable, you need to click in the field and select a value from the list. You can also use text. When the content of the required fields is defined, click “Continue”.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Set up the Hubspot fields

Check the correctness of the configured connection. Send test data to Hubspot CRM.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Send test data to Hubspot CRM

Go to your personal Hubspot account. A new entry with our test data has appeared in the “Contacts” section.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | New contact in the Hubspot CRM

Enable auto-update

Let's go back to the SaveMyLeads system. We just need to launch the automatic mode of converting Facebook leads into Hubspot contacts. Click "Finish setup".

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Enable automatic update

After you create an integration, you can change its name. This is done through the communication settings.

Facebook and Hubspot integration | Change integration name

Integration result

We walked through the process of creating a Facebook and Hubspot integration using the SaveMyLeads service. Such a connection is set up in just 5-10 minutes without the help of programmers or special skills/knowledge. The result of our work is an automated process for exporting Facebook leads to Hubspot CRM. The SaveMyLeads system constantly monitors the appearance of new completed lead forms, uploads the necessary data and initiates the addition of a contact to Hubspot.

Spend a few minutes setting up the integration to get rid of the recurring task of migrating data from your Facebook ad account to Hubspot CRM. Minimizing routine operations and automating business processes are simple conditions for increasing productivity and more efficient distribution of working time.