The history of Ringostat from the very beginning to the present day. Find out how the brand was created and developed and what it is known for today.

Ringostat is a calltracking platform. According to statistics, the average company misses about 30% of incoming calls, and this particular method of communication is 15 times more likely to end in a sale than interacting with potential customers through online forms. 90% of companies that advertise on the Internet do not know which ad the client came from, in the reports of marketers this information is in the blind zone, that is, the company spends money on advertising, but does not know which one is effective.

How does Ringostat work?

When a user calls, the call goes through the Ringostat virtual PBX, and the company immediately receives detailed data about the source of the call. Already at the moment of connection, Ringostat transfers data to your CRM and analytics services (if integration is configured). And the sales manager will be able to better assess how his subordinates handle calls. As a result, marketers can analyze the results of advertising campaigns and decide on the redistribution of the advertising budget based on the data received.

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The head of Ringostat is Oleksandr Maksymeniuk. Before creating the service, Alexander worked for a long time in Internet marketing, dealing with various types of services.

History of the Ringostat brand

About such a concept as call tracking, it all started in 2013, with the involvement of outsourcers and writing a small program based on cookies from Google Analytics. Then this project became more individual and separated from Netpeak. This is how the history of Ringostat began.

A marketing policy covering all requirements appeared, according to which an analysis of competitors conducted. The plan to create Ringostat was carried out. Then there was a slight transformation. The approach has changed, from the sale of calltracking, the platform began to provide 7 more IT products.

Several advantages of the service

  • Ringostat will quickly evaluate the work with calls using summary statistics;
  • Record conversations and evaluate the performance of company employees;
  • Tracks the order of calls by time of day and day of the week so that the number of operators matches the load;
  • Generate individual reports on 30+ parameters;
  • Easy to integrate with popular tools.

The service processes hundreds of thousands of calls per month, and their number is constantly growing. In the near future, it is planned to introduce a speech recognition option. It will be possible to determine the mood of the client, the willingness to make a purchase, etc.


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