Chatbots with AI can easily be called one of the key IT trends of 2022–2023. Every month, more and more programs of this type appear on the market, and almost each offers something unique to the audience. The concept of “personal AI”, implemented in the Pi AI Chatbot service, has become especially popular recently. In this article, we will tell you about its developer as well as the capabilities, features and disadvantages of this smart and humane bot.

Origins, Development and Success of the Inflection AI Studio

The developer of the sensational Pi Chatbot is the Californian IT company Inflection AI, founded in 2022 and specializing in creating software using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The founders of this startup were Google DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. The company is registered as a public benefit corporation (PBC) and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA.

Inflection AI's goal is to develop products and technologies that harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve human well-being and productivity. As of 2023, the company employs 35 people, and the position of CEO is occupied by Mustafa Suleiman. The startup’s first and main product today is the Pi chatbot. Its name is an abbreviation of the phrase “personal intelligence”.

Pi Chatbot is an AI-powered personal assistant. Its capabilities are noticeably different from those of other services of this type. The product developers focused not so much on functionality and performance as on the humanity of the program. According to the team’s plan, the chatbot should offer users not only the information they need but also emotional support. It can conduct personalized communication, considering the needs, habits and interests of a particular person. Ideally, Pi can become not only an assistant but also a virtual friend for its users, providing they with help and support when necessary.

A new AI chatbot with high emotional intelligence (EQ) was launched in May 2023. Its release turned Inflection AI into one of the most discussed and promising startups in the field of artificial intelligence. A month later, the company announced that it had managed to attract a large tranche of investment in the amount of $1.3 billion from Microsoft, Nvidia and a group of private investors. After that, its estimated value increased to an impressive $4 billion, and the studio itself took second place in the ranking of AI startups in terms of the amount of funds raised (OpenAI is in first place).

Investors helped the startup not only financially: Microsoft provided it with its Azure cloud infrastructure, and Nvidia donated the mega-powerful H100 chip with an impressive 22,000 GPUs. According to representatives of the studio, they now have three times more computing resources than were used to develop the GPT-4 neural network from OpenAI. Now, Inflection AI is preparing a new product, the Conversational API, for developers and corporate clients with access to its language models. Those interested in using the API first can sign up for the waitlist at

Pi Chatbot's Features

Pi chatbot by Inflection is based on the Inflection-1 neural network. It is considered one of the most powerful language models today. According to the results of independent evaluations, the computing capabilities of Inflection-1 are superior to those of the GPT-3.5, LLaMA, PaLM 540B and Chinchilla algorithms. The developers claim that their brainchild is not inferior in performance to the famous GPT-4 model from OpenAI. Inflection-1 was trained on a huge data set with billions of lines of text, making it one of the largest neural networks in the world. Pi's vast knowledge base allows the chatbot to realistically simulate human communication, conducting detailed and meaningful conversations with displays of moral support, empathy and humor.


The team behind the Pi positions it as a personal AI assistant focused on informal communication with users. Unlike ChatGPT, it does not strive to provide the most accurate, detailed and relevant answers. Instead, Pi often answers questions with questions and uses emoticons and slang expressions. All this makes it much more humanoid. When using this chatbot, you may even get the feeling that you are not communicating with a program but with a real person. In addition, the neural network saves the history of communication with users. This allows it to remember past conversations and draw conclusions from them.

Pi, your personal AI

The chatbot from Inflection AI is not without its drawbacks. Like other similar services, sometimes it gives distorted answers or even completely false information. As you know, so-called “hallucinations” are one of the main problems of modern neural networks. The developers claim that they are taking measures to eliminate this bug and are already working on a new format for training chatbot Pi. By the way, users can notify the company themselves about the glitches and errors they find in the bot’s operation. They also have the option to delete their own account with saved copies of all their conversations with the chatbot. Deleting an account along with its data is available in several ways: through the application for iPhone/iPad or by sending a request to the support service email. In the second case, the letter should indicate the phone number to which your account was registered.

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Pi in Instagram Direct

For now, the bot processes requests and answers them only in English. In the future, the developers plan to expand the number of supported languages. They are also currently working on creating a Conversational API that will allow third-party developers and companies to integrate Pi with their products, including for commercial purposes.

Pi Chatbot and User Data

Users of Pi and other popular AI-enabled chatbots should remember that behind each personal AI or other similar system, there is a specific company that pursues its own commercial goals. According to Pi Chatbot's privacy policy and terms of use, Inflection AI has the right to monitor all conversations with this bot to understand the needs and interests of users. It may also use this data to investigate and combat fraudulent, malicious, unauthorized or other illegal activity.

Inflection AI may use user data for personal purposes and transfer it to third-party service providers or other companies in the event of its bankruptcy. In addition, it has the authority to share them with regulatory or law enforcement agencies, courts and other government agencies if it deems it necessary.

Thus, Pi your personal AI provides very conditional protection of user data. But this neural network effectively collects various types of information – much more personal and confidential than that published on regular social networks.

How to Chat with a Personal Chatbot Pi

It’s easy to start a conversation with the Pi bot – just write to it through the web interface on the website, in any of the supported instant messengers, or send an SMS message. An important difference between this service and other bots is that you do not have to ask it any specific questions. Instead, you can share your thoughts or emotions with it, discuss your day, or just chat about anything. Inflection AI Pi will ask leading questions to keep the conversation moving.

Conversation with Pi

If you want your communication with Pi to be complete and productive, we recommend following these rules:

  • State your questions clearly and stay on topic. The more clear, unambiguous and relevant your question is, the better the bot’s answers will be.
  • Communicate with the bot the same way you communicate with other people. Pi recognizes natural human speech well, so abbreviations and slang expressions are quite appropriate in dialogue with it.


Chatbots supported by artificial intelligence can rightly be called a significant stage in human interaction with advanced technologies. A very promising direction in this area was opened by the Inflection AI company – so-called personal chatbots, represented by its flagship product Pi Chatbot. It was developed based on a powerful neural network with a huge amount of data, which provided the program with high performance.

The main feature of Pi Inflection AI is its communication style, which imitates human speech as accurately as possible. Empathy, humor, emotional support and other characteristics allowed it to occupy a very popular niche of “humanized” neural networks, which will clearly have success with a huge audience. However, the Pi chatbot also has a drawback in the form of weak protection of user privacy. Experts consider personal data protection one of the key problems with existing AI chatbots. Therefore, we should exercise a certain amount of caution and common sense when interacting with such services.


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