Jitterbit is a cloud-based integration platform (iPaaS) that helps integrate systems and services for data transmission and processing.

1. History of the Jitterbit brand
2. Facts about Jitterbit service
3. Key figures


Companies of various sizes and directions are actively using digital tools to organize work processes. Data is often stored in different systems and its synchronization is an important task. The Jitterbit integrator helps solve this problem without involving programmers.

History of the Jitterbit brand

Jitterbit was founded in 2003. This project was created by Sharam Sasson, who graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and worked in the IT industry. Now the founder of the Jitterbit integrator is on the board of directors of the company. The headquarters of the organization is located in the city of Alameda (California, USA). There are also offices in the Netherlands, UK, India and Australia.

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The Jitterbit platform was one of the first in its segment to focus on interaction with the Salesforce CRM system. The managers of both services have worked closely together to create effective integration tools for working with the popular CRM.

Currently, Jitterbit is one of the most influential players in the market of cloud integration platforms (iPaaS – integration platform as a service). Jitterbit is a partner of such companies as Epicor, NetSuite, Workday, ServiceNow, BMC.

Facts about Jitterbit service

  • more than 60 thousand active users;
  • 2000+ corporate clients;
  • NRR (Revenue Retention) 117%;
  • about 170,000 endpoints are connected;
  • more than 1.6 million transactions per day;
  • over 1 million API calls daily.

The Jitterbit service provides tools for setting up integrations and data processing in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) format. The integration platform uses the API application to implement communications, and can also create a special API for certain tasks.

Among the advantages of the service are a wide range of tools and capabilities, a clear interface, high-quality technical support, reliable communications, and competitive prices. Various tariff plans allow you to scale efficiently and not pay for functionality that is not used.

The Jitterbit integrator platform is a business solution that allows you to automate workflows and effectively use data arrays that are located in different systems and services.

Key figures

  • Philip Turpo - Vice President, Director of Client Relations
  • Yost Bot - Vice President, General Manager of EMEA
  • George Galegos - CEO
  • Manoj Chaudhary - CTO
  • Jill Ransome - CMO

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