Are you unsatisfied with your current password or have forgotten it? We'll show you how to setup a new one.

1. How to change your Instagram password if you remember it
2. How to change your Instagram password if you forgot it


How to change your Instagram password if you remember it

If you don't like your Instagram password for some reason or some outsider have found it out, this instruction will help you easily change the current combination of characters.

1. Press your avatar in the lower right corner of the Instagram app to get to the main profile page.

Open main profile page

2. Press the menu icon in the upper right corner and select "Settings".

Open Settings

3. Press "Security" and then "Password". Enter current password if needed.

Press "Security" and "Password"

4. After that, Instagram will notify you that it has sent you an email or SMS with a link to reset your old password. When you receive a link, click on it.

Use the link

5. Following the requirements, create and enter a new password, repeat it below to confirm. Then click "Reset Password" to replace.

Create new password

Immediately after that, the password will change and you will be able to use the new combination of characters to enter your account.

How to change your Instagram password if you forgot it

Can't remember your password to login to your profile? Fortunately, Instagram allows you to reset the old character sequence and set a new password instead. Here's how to do it.

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1. Open the Instagram app login page and click "Forgot password?" (iOS) or "Get help logging in" (Android) below the login form.

Request help

2. Enter your username, email or phone number so Instagram can find your account.

Enter your data

3. Click "Next" button and follow the password reset instructions that appear on the screen.

Finish process with the help of instructions 

As a result, Instagram will send you a link via SMS or email with which you can change your password.


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