Facebook provides a wide range of opportunities for advertisers. The social network has many applications that allow you to properly use the functionality of the site. You can increase not only the number of subscribers, leads, their activity in the form of likes, but also the number of sales.

1. Offer the subscriber a useful “freebie” for a like
2. Like for a discount
3. Like for the opportunity to take part in a survey or vote
4. Like for access to an important video
5. Collect likes from ads
6. Get more likes with the right call to action
7. Use a Facebook like on your site or a social plugin
8. Place a like button in the website header
9. Conclusion


Likes and dislikes are not just a measure of your audience's engagement. They show that the information you post: posts, creatives, advertisements, useful content is interesting to the audience, they react to it, they don’t pass it by. No less important is the number of positive and negative marks of publications and the advertising page itself.

Of course, many would like to receive only a positive reaction to their posts. But marketers are mistaken if they consider dislikes as a negative metric and are convinced that only likes help in promotion. Dislike is an effective tool that allows you to evaluate how the audience reacts to your publications and take action. If your posts don't have likes or dislikes, you won't be able to do this. Therefore, dislikes are also the desired result.

Of course, you need to make allowances for “toxic” dislikers, who, in fact, are not your target audience, but dislike everything that appears in their feed. But if all your publications have more dislikes than likes, then this is an occasion to think and adjust the strategy. How to increase the number of likes on a page and posts on Facebook will be discussed in our article.

7 Ways to Increase Likes on Facebook | We increase the number of likes correctly

Offer the subscriber a useful "freebie" for a like

Valuable expert content is always needed by an interested audience. If you have unique knowledge that you are ready to share with subscribers, arrange it in the form of a checklist, an e-book, a useful How-To and offer this educational content to the audience for a like. Often such information is more important for them than a discount and attracts not only a lot of likes, but also a loyal audience, new subscribers, and sales. Therefore, this method ranks first in our ranking.

To offer subscribers free "usefulness", most often brands create a separate landing page. The visitor must leave contact details in order to receive, for example, an e-book. With the Facebook advertising account , this is not necessary. You can create a conversion form right in your advertising account. This is where the free app at Wufoo comes in handy. It allows you to create a landing page and publish it as a separate tab in your Facebook account.

Like for discount

Discount coupons are used today by all modern types of businesses that are engaged in promotion through social networks and influencers. In short, the buyer receives a small discount, and the seller promotes the page, video, post and collects “Like” marks. He deliberately loses part of the profit, increasing the number of transactions.

A discount coupon that potential buyers receive solves two problems for a business at once: it stimulates sales and increases the number of likes. The easiest way is to give a coupon for a like. The Facebook Cupon Up app will help you do this. It allows you to generate customized discount coupons that will be activated by a like.

Another application is the Group Offers App. It allows you to make offers that a potential client can use after a certain number of people join the promotion. Both applications are paid, but you can test their capabilities during the trial period. You can connect applications and your website in a special section of Facebook settings:

7 Ways to Increase Likes on Facebook | Section "Apps and websites"

Like for the opportunity to take part in a poll or vote

Interactive posts are one of the most effective ways to entertain your audience, grab their attention, or encourage them to like your page. You can create a poll on Facebook using its internal paid or free tools. One of the main advantages of a poll created on Facebook is the ability to participate in voting only after the “Like” mark is placed. A user who wants to take the survey will see an invitation with a like button, and only after checking will he be able to vote or comment on the survey.

Like for access to an important video

Sometimes brands hold unique events, the value of which is very important for the target audience. These can be industry conferences, webinars with experienced experts, interviews with market leaders, and trainings. All this content is able to bring likes, and not gather dust in archives on your hard drive or in the cloud.

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A useful video can be posted on a hidden tab on the company's Facebook page. The Wufoo app will help you set up access to it. For example, only users who like it will receive it. It is important to remember that this method will only work if two conditions are met:

  • the video material should be of real use and be interesting;
  • the audience must be made aware of the existence of this content. This is where Facebook ads can help.

Collect likes from advertisements

Facebook advertising is a very effective way of promotion and at the same time one of the easiest ways to accumulate likes. You can target ads by setting up audiences by geolocation, demographic characteristics (gender, age, interests). You can create a separate audience:

  • consisting of subscribers whose emails you have collected from landing pages;
  • from buyers who have left phone numbers in your online store.

Facebook advertising is truly unique and provides almost unlimited possibilities, unlike contextual advertising in search engines. In them, the user is shown an ad because he is trying to find information related to the ad. On Facebook, your ad will be shown to the client because they are watching the news feed.

He is not looking for this information, so on the one hand, it may seem that he is not ready to buy. But if you advertise correctly and attract the attention of such a user with interesting free information and valuable educational content for him, a discount or participation in an interesting survey, this will stimulate him and interest him even more than a regular advertisement.

If you collect likes, then your choice is advertising in the Pages menu. This is where ads are displayed only for those who have not yet liked your page. The ad here contains a "Like" button, so the performance of the ad is higher.

7 Ways to Increase Likes on Facebook | Page Advertising

Get more likes with the right call to action

Make the CTA effective, for example: "Like" to ..., and the offer will be your useful "free" or discount. As we said above, Facebook advertising allows you to attract users to subscription pages that are designed as a tab on the main brand page on Facebook. What does it give? If the user does not want to immediately like your ad, but prefers to read the detailed information, then this is where he can do it. At the same time, he does not need to go anywhere, he can study detailed information about your offer within the social network.

Use Facebook like on your website or social plugin

The Facebook Like button you use on your site gives the same results as a newsletter signup form. And if your site has a large audience, then people will be able to like it right on the site without going to social networks. Another option is to install the Like Box plugin. It helps brands generate likes. This is convenient because the plugin is installed on the site in one minute.

The design of the widget can be changed to your liking or adjusted to the design of the site. If a user who is logged into Facebook visits you, the plugin will show him photos of friends who have already rated your page. To install Like Box, you need to select the appropriate settings on Facebook and get a code that needs to be added to the root folder of the site.

Place a like button in the website header

Place the "Like" in the most visible place, so that it is in the upper right or upper left. This will make it harder to ignore. Of course, this is not the most productive like generator, but this method will still bring some number of marks. It is better if there is a call to action next to it with an offer to get something in return. The button code is also issued by Facebook, it also needs to be placed in the site code.


Sometimes marketers, targetologists, SMM specialists believe that if the content does not collect thousands of likes, then it is of poor quality: the blogger or the business itself creates bad creatives, publishes the wrong advertisement. The specialist begins to rebuild a marketing or SMM strategy or builds it from scratch.

In fact, everything is simpler: to get more “Like” marks, just ask your audience about it, stimulate it with something useful and interesting, and likes will begin to grow exponentially.

Sometimes users are lazy, don’t want to “tag” their account in every post of yours, or it seems to them that they simply don’t have time for this – effectively encourage the audience to like you, and you will see how many users really like your content and are interested in your page.


Time is the most valuable resource in the modern business environment. You can get more opportunities to implement the most daring plans and ideas if you get rid of routine work processes. It is up to you: to continue to waste time, money, and nerves on ineffective solutions, or to use SaveMyLeads, automating some work processes and achieving results with minimal investment of money, effort, and human resources.