By turning on focus mode, the teacher will be able to make sure that students do not see video from each other's cameras. But at the same time the teacher will be able to see everyone's webcams.

As distance learning becomes more and more commonplace, developers of various software designed for remote interaction are looking to increase the usefulness of their products. And Zoom's focus mode is a typical example.

As soon as the teacher turns on this mode, students stop seeing images from each other's webcams (but they will have access to their own and they will continue to see the lists of other participants). At the same time, the one who conducts the seminar continues to see images from all participants. Focus mode can be turned on and off quickly, for example, moving from showing tutorials to discussing them.

The focus mode is expected to be useful not only for educational institutions, but also for business. For example, managers will be able to turn on focus mode at the time of presentation and make sure that employees are focused on the slides being shown, and not distracted by each other.

The focus mode is available even for free accounts.