Platform users will receive a number of new tools, the main of which will be the Whiteboard and the gesture recognition option.

Zoom users have received a plethora of system updates, according to a statement from the company. These include security settings, enhancements to Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Events, enhanced chat management, and more. The addition of important features was announced such as understanding gestures and Whiteboard.

The Whiteboard tool can be useful during meetings, which allows you to create notes using both textual and visual information on a virtual whiteboard. After a video call, the whiteboard can be saved for later use. Whiteboard can already be used in Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms, as well as in the desktop version of Zoom, in the near future this option is promised to be added to Zoom Chat.

As for the understanding of gestures for displaying them during a call on the screen, now we are talking only about raising a hand or raising a thumb, perhaps in the future, in addition to these two gestures, others will appear.

A tool designed to increase the efficiency of sales and the speed of closing deals was also presented. We are talking about the Zoom IQ for Sales function, with the help of which the user, when making a video call, can immediately receive information on the status of the deal and a complete analysis of the call for a number of parameters. All this data will be displayed on the screen directly during the call.