Now users will be able to use DocuSign tools and sign documents directly during a Zoom meeting.

The growing popularity of remote work and a variety of business online meetings due to the pandemic has caused an increased need for remote signing of documents. This is exactly what the DocuSign service specializes in. Business users can now use the product's tools directly from Zoom, one of the world's most popular video conferencing applications.

To take advantage of DocuSign's features, the application must be downloaded from the Zoom App Market. After that, tools for signing documents are added to the platform interface. During the meeting, the user simply clicks on the DocuSign button and sees the documents for signing. The right to sign is transferred to each signer in the required order. And after the meeting, each participant who needs to receive a signed document is sent a PDF file by e-mail.

Such a step greatly simplifies the business process for the business, reducing the need for a physical presence to complete a deal or close the negotiation step. The time spent on these processes is also significantly reduced.