The online video conferencing service makes it easy to stream live events such as webinars or podcasts to Twitch.

Zoom and Twitch announced the integration of their platforms. Now, by holding an online event in Zoom, users will be able to stream video to the popular Twitch service and thereby share content with a wide range of viewers.

The developers have simplified the process of setting up a video streaming from Zoom to Twitch as much as possible. If earlier such an opportunity, although it existed, required a number of settings and knowledge of the process, now, thanks to direct integration, any user can transfer a streaming broadcast, even without understanding the nuances of the platform.

You can do this in a few clicks right after the start of the event. Previously, accounts on two platforms need to be connected to each other. You can then share the broadcast by selecting the Live on Twitch option (you can also stream to YouTube, Facebook or other service of choice) in the Share Screen section.

It is assumed that such streams will be useful both for business and a wide range of other users. Thus, it will be possible to share video conferences, webinars, podcasts and other content with communities.