By the end of next year, paid accounts will be able to receive translation services in real time during video conferencing in 12 languages.

At its Zoomtopia conference on September 13, Zoom announced a number of innovations. One of them was the addition of real-time translation, as well as the possibility of automatic transcription during video conferences, which should significantly expand and simplify communication between employees of companies speaking different languages.

Platform representatives report that Zoom plans to enable automatic transcription in real time for all users, including free accounts, until the end of 2022. At the same time, if earlier it was about plans for the appearance of transcription only for the English language, now 30 additional languages will be available to users.

In addition to the transcription service, Zoom will also offer translation services from/into 12 languages in real time. This option will be available for paid accounts and its full implementation can also be expected by the end of 2022. What kind of languages it will be has not yet been reported. However, the company confirmed that the new translation services were based on the purchase of the German machine translation company Kites in June.

The addition of real-time translation capabilities to various languages is not the only innovation coming soon for Zoom users. The company also announced a partnership with Facebook and the upcoming launch of Zoom services on Facebook VR. In addition, the collaboration whiteboards available for online conferences at Zoom will be greatly improved.