The ZoomOSC and ZoomISO add-ons created by Liminal will be built into the video conferencing platform toolkit.

The Zoom video conferencing platform acquired the tools from startup Liminal that were built on its base. In particular, the ZoomOSC and ZoomISO add-ons give users enhanced options for holding professional events in a virtual space.

The ZoomOSC add-on uses a protocol known as Open Sound Control (OSC), which enables Zoom to integrate with various software, media servers and hardware controllers. In turn, ZoomISO allows you to transmit video streams of individual participants to professional video equipment, including in HD format.

In the near future, Zoom can be expected to build new capabilities into its toolbox, providing business users with new options for creating and hosting online events. The new functionality will be especially useful for companies that conduct professional streams on an ongoing basis. At the moment, Liminal's tools are still available on the company's website, however, according to Zoom representatives, in the near future, the need for using separate add-ons will disappear.