The long-awaited feature that will make life easier for many users is already being tested with paid accounts.

Downloading video content directly from YouTube was previously an impossible option and users had to use third-party services. However, such activities are in a gray area and many would prefer to use the service directly from the platform itself. A similar option will be presented in the very near future. It became known that YouTube is already actively testing the download function.

For now, the new option is available to paid Premium subscribers. In the latest versions of Chrome, Opera and Edge, they will be able to use the download button or start the process from the menu denoted by three dots. The consent of the author of the video is not required for subsequent uploading by users. At the same time, the video from YouTube is not uploaded to the user's gadget forever, only the creation of a cached version of the video is meant. Thus, the user only gets the opportunity to watch the video on the YouTube page while offline.

Between September 22nd and October 19th, Premium users will be able to test the ability to download videos directly from their browser. Thus, the platform opens up to users information about what its developers are currently working on and what new tools will appear in the near future.