In the coming days, advertisers will be able to deploy advertising campaigns using the short video service on the YouTube platform.

At its Google Marketing Live event, the company announced a number of innovations, including a significant expansion of advertising opportunities in YouTube Shorts. The service is a direct competitor to TikTok and the company claims it has already reached 30 billion short video views per day. After a testing period of several months, the company has officially added YouTube's short video service to the list of advertising platforms available to advertisers globally.

By setting up their own promotions within Video Action campaigns and app campaigns, an advertiser can now expand their reach to the short video service actively promoted by YouTube. The functionality of advertising campaigns in YouTube Shorts will be gradually expanded over the coming months.

In particular, it was announced that advertisers will be able to connect a product feed (product feed) to their advertising campaigns and provide buyers with access to purchases directly from Shorts. Thus, the reach of advertising campaigns will increase significantly, providing brands and campaigns with new ways to reach the audience.