Paid subscriptions to YouTube Premium and Music are up 20 million from last year. The company cites YouTube Music as the fastest growing music subscription service.

Back in December 2020, Google announced that it had 30 million paid subscribers to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Now the company is reporting an abrupt increase in the number of users who have decided to try the paid versions of the services. Their number, according to the company's report, exceeded 50 million.

How this indicator is distributed between the two services is not specified. Also, it is not reported how many of the subscribed users are in the free trial period. However, in a blog post, Google notes that YouTube is the fastest growing music subscription service on the market. At the same time, in terms of the total number of subscribers, the service is still several times inferior to its main competitors Spotify and Apple Music.

YouTube Music Premium, which allows users to listen and download music without ads, is priced at $9,99 per month. YouTube Premium, which in addition to the benefits of YouTube Music, also allows you to download and watch regular videos without ads, will cost users $11,99 per month.