YouTube has developed its own set of emojis. Now users can express their emotions more vividly in the comments and chats of the popular video hosting.

YouTube has created its own "branded" emoji. So far, only 62 emoticons are presented in the "YouTube Emotes" package of emotional pictograms. This set is focused on gaming, but as the number grows, they will become much more varied in theme. By the way, those who have already managed to get acquainted with them note their similarity with those used on the Twitch platform.

You can put YouTube emoji in the comments under the video and in chats. The emoji list appears when you click "Add Comment" and click on the emoji icon. They are displayed above other emoji categories (People, Nature, Food, Travel, and so on). Like Twitch system emojis, YouTube emojis have specific names that are used for autocompletion. For example, if you type ":cat-orange-whistling:" in the search box, you will automatically see a whistling orange cat emoticon.

The new bundle omits the “pogchamp” emoji and even the popular “LUL” emoji on Twitch, but there are several dedicated to buffering, end of the game and GG. YouTube representatives in their community explained that they decided to start with emotions for games, and in the meantime are actively working on other topics.

YouTube emoji creators are independent digital artists. Ghanaian-American illustrator and designer Abel Hayford, British illustrator and designer Guy Field and American designer Rashon Eugene Vaughn participated in the creation of emotional pictograms.