Content creators will have access to advanced data on specific search queries from users and estimated audience volumes for keywords.

The YouTube platform is testing a new feature that will allow video creators to more fully explore the keywords for which users are searching for content. Search Insights are already available to selected YouTube Studio account holders to help them create more popular content and reach a larger audience, thereby increasing their revenue.

With Search Insights, authors will be able to see what keywords their audience is using, as well as the overall platform audience. For each request, the service provides an estimated volume of search activity. Statistics on YouTube requests are provided for the last 28 days, but the data is aggregated and does not allow tracking the search activity of individual users.

Also, a new option will allow you to identify content gaps in the provided content for a specific search query. Content gap term is used by the platform for search queries that viewers entered into the search, but could not find the content they needed, or the videos found were too low quality. Using this information, video creators will be able to create the most relevant videos, taking into account the needs of their audience.