Expanded opportunities for both viewers of live streams and their hosts will allow you to take broadcasts on the platform to a new level.

Live streaming is recognized by experts as a promising industry for the development of channels on YouTube, including for business users and brands. Now, the possibilities of streaming will be significantly expanded, and the convenience of watching them for viewers will also grow. In this way, the platform intends to increase the number of users who stream live and use this channel to increase the monetization of their presence on YouTube.

YouTube reports that in the near future users will notice a number of innovations that increase the convenience of live streaming. There will be a more convenient notification system about the beginning of the broadcast in the application, the ability to work in full screen mode, the function of questions-answers, viewing options for viewers will become more accessible, and for individual channels it will be possible to redirect viewers from a stream to another stream hosted on another channel.

Another important innovation will be the introduction of the Go Live Together feature, which will make it easier to invite guests to live streams. With a new feature that will be piloting soon, a streamer will be able to invite a guest to join the event. Moreover, it will be possible to do this by simply sending the link to the guest, that is, the process will be simplified as much as possible.