According to recent surveys conducted by the agency Luminate, YouTube has become the most frequently chosen platform for listening to podcasts.

The study says that 57.8% of those surveyed chose to listen to podcasts on a video app. Content creators often upload full episodes to YouTube, which is great for advertising and promotion.

One of the downsides is that you can only listen to audio on the go, in the background and with the display locked, only in the Premium version. But the company recently elected a new first chief executive who will oversee the development of podcasts on the platform. Perhaps this will lead to some changes.

Spotify was preferred by 53% of listeners, and it was this service that was the second most popular after YouTube. The second place was achieved thanks to the fact that Spotify also developed new solutions for the development of podcasts. 41% of listeners use Apple podcasts, followed by Google. This is what the main giants from the world of podcasts look like.

It is safe to say that this market will change in the future. You can expect various technological solutions from leading companies in this field. This type of information is not only not outdated, but is not going to become outdated in the foreseeable future.