The new way to monetize channels will allow users to buy and gift other accounts a membership in one of the paid channels.

The YouTube platform continues to expand monetization options for its users. The service has now provided a channel membership extension, which is a paid subscription option. Such a subscription can be gifted to other users, which is designed to increase the flow of remuneration to content authors.

The Channel Memberships Gifting option is already in beta for a limited number of accounts. It will be available to more users in the coming months. With this feature, one user can gift others with a set of additional options for watching streams, including special badges, the ability to see private streams, and more. Viewers can use these options for a month. The distribution of purchased opportunities will be made by the platform itself, giving preference to more loyal viewers.

It also increases the opportunities for channel revenue growth. If previously you could buy a membership only for yourself and once a month, now you can buy it as a gift for several users at once. And the owner of the channel at the same time receives the same part of the monetary reward as with a regular membership purchase.