YouTube is testing a new feature for video content creators that will make it easier to promote and increase ad revenue.

The Studio content creation page on the popular video hosting YouTube has unexpectedly added a new tab for some users - "Promotions". As it turned out, the company chose them to participate in the experiment of introducing a new way to promote video content and copyright channels outside the Google Ads Manager site. The tool proposed by the developers will make the process of acquiring advertising and promoting content for its authors easier and faster. Not all users will be able to try out the new functionality in practice - this is warned on the official YouTube website. When it will become available in large quantities is still unknown.

The developers of the video hosting explained their decision to add a new feature with the desire to help the authors of video content to expand the reach of the audience. They simplified this process by making it "end-to-end" and putting it inside Studio. Thus, we managed to do without Google Ads. This is stated in a statement by YouTube representatives posted on the company's website.

What will the new feature give to content authors? First of all, accelerating the launch of advertising, understanding how it works on diverse subjects, increasing income from it and increasing its presence on YouTube. Bloggers will be able to monitor the performance of a launched campaign not only on a computer, but also on a mobile device.

In addition to testing the promotion tool, YouTube is now making changes to its live channel management. The presenter will now have access to scheduling, managing and editing the broadcast directly from their YouTube Studio and Live Control Room. He can do this both from a stationary and from a mobile device. Prior to this, the initiator of the live broadcast could only act as a moderator of the online chat, putting things in order among the commentators. Representatives of the video hosting emphasized that this functionality will be opened to all users until 09/04/2022.