Thanks to the new monetization features, dubbed Super Thanks, viewers will be able to pay monetary compensation to the creators of content for individual videos they like.

YouTube already offers users several monetization options, including tools such as Super Chat, Super Stickers, and the ability to subscribe to a channel. Now a fourth monetization path has been introduced, called Super Thanks, which will help content creators make money from their videos.

Viewers can now make payments of set amounts to video creators. Moreover, a feature of the new tool is that you can pay for individual uploaded videos. When paying, the user is offered four amounts, from which he can choose the one he needs. You can pay for a video from 2 to 50 dollars. And after payment, the viewer can leave a comment under the video, which will be highlighted in a special way and can attract the attention of the author of the video.

The number of channels that receive income from the presented monetization tools on Youtube is growing rapidly, only in 2020 it has tripled compared to 2019. So the introduction of another tool looks like a logical step, thus YouTube further expands the earning opportunities for its creators content and attracts them to the platform.