Work on testing this possibility using the Move to iOS application is already underway, it was noticed by individual users of the beta version of the messenger.

It is reported that the popular messenger WhatsApp is actively working on the implementation of the long-awaited by many users feature. Namely, a tool for transferring chats from Android to iOS. Some users discovered this option in the beta version of the app, so we can expect it to be rolled out to all users in the near future. However, the exact date of its implementation has not yet been announced, just as the exact list of devices that will support is not known.

In order to start the process of transferring information from chats, users will need the Move to iOS application. After confirming the need to transfer data, the program asks users to keep the application open during the entire process and unlock their smartphone. Thus, all important information will be transferred without loss.

WhatsApp has previously tested the ability to transfer chats between operating systems. In particular, in September 2021, users received the option to transfer such information from iOS to some Android devices, namely some Samsung phone models and to Google Pixels phones and other devices with Android 12.