Over the summer, retailer Walmart introduced a new enterprise tool based on generative artificial intelligence. Following this success, the company decided to take it even further by offering its customers' technology that would revolutionize the shopping experience. Thus, Walmart announced the creation of an intelligent assistant for customers, the purpose of which is to make their experience as easy as possible when choosing and purchasing goods. This AI will perform not one but three functions: it will act as a sales consultant, a powerful product search engine, and, quite unexpectedly, an interior designer.

As a customer assistant, the new tool promises to transform the customer experience into an interactive adventure. It will be able to answer any questions about the products, providing detailed specifications and recommendations. Do you want to know what look to choose for a rock'n'roll party or what smartphone is right for your teenager? AI will readily help.

Thanks to the generative abilities of AI, Walmart's search engine has become much more advanced. Now, to organize a themed event, such as a Star Wars themed party, customers don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for everything they need. The AI will provide a complete list of products relevant to the theme after just one request, from decorative items to costumes.

The third AI role, interior designer, provides clients with the ability to visualize their home space with new home furnishings. Thanks to the integration of augmented reality technology, the buyer can virtually “try on” furniture and decor at home.