TikTok now has a "Dislike" button that you can use to express your disagreement with comments.

In the social network TikTok, where positive emotions have always been encouraged, suddenly there is a “Dislike” button. As it turned out, the developers decided to give users the opportunity to react in this way to comments with which they do not agree. Before implementing the new feature, in the summer of 2022, specialists conducted testing, in which they studied methods of dealing with negative content (insults, bullying, etc.). The dislike button, from their point of view, is one of the effective tools for TikTok's internal self-moderation.

It's easy to find the "Dislike" button – it's right next to the familiar "Like" button, right below the comments. She has a classic look – thumb pointing down. True, it functions quite atypically at the same time. The number of dislikes given to a comment is not displayed anywhere. Probably, this data can only be viewed by moderators of the social network. In addition, even a huge bunch of dislikes does not affect the likes gained. What is the point of this button then? Apparently, this is a kind of “alarm” for moderators so that they can immediately see inappropriate comments and take action.

Interestingly, even a very large number of dislikes is unlikely to lead to the removal of comments. Therefore, it will not work to “minus” a person who annoys you, and thus remove everything that they wrote. Only that which violates the rules of the social network is unconditionally cleaned here. It is still difficult to evaluate the benefits of this innovation, as well as to understand whether it will take root or not – it takes time.