Just nine months after launch, the Instagram Stories-like tool will cease to exist. Starting from August 3, 2021 Fleets will be unavailable for use.

The Twitter platform has officially announced that it will no longer use the Fleets tool. Starting from August 3, account holders will no longer be able to use this option. Such a quick farewell, just nine months after opening access to a wide range of users, is explained by the fact that the innovation did not bring the expected results for the company.

By introducing Fleets, Twitter planned to attract a large number of new users to the platform. However, the use of the new option was more interesting to existing users, and there was no significant increase in the number of new ones. At the same time, even those who became interested in the new tool did not create a significant increase in activity as a result. Basically, the tool was tested by account holders who were previously active on Twitter, so the company did not see either an increase in the number of users or a significant increase in their activity.

Although the company is abandoning Fleets, it plans to further enrich the functionality of the social network with some of the options that were available in this tool. In particular, this is the ability to use the advanced capabilities of the camera, upload photo and video materials, as well as use other media content, such as music and stickers.