Previously, this feature was tested on a limited group of users, but after a few months of testing, it became available to all users.

The Twitter platform has announced that it is opening up the unmentioning option for all users. This means that any mention of your nickname in any Twitter conversation can now be deleted if desired. This tool was first introduced in April for a limited group of accounts, but now the company announces that the test period is over and the feature is available to all users.

With the Unmentioning feature, the user can leave the conversation and stop receiving notifications that someone used the tag for their nickname in the same thread. If desired, all already made tags for your own in the message thread can be removed. Also, when using the new option, you can prevent further mention of the nickname along with the tag in the same conversation. Accordingly, if the tag is no longer used, the user will not receive notifications in connection with a particular message thread.

To launch the Unmentioning option, the user needs to select the tweet in which he is mentioned and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Next, you need to click on the “Leave this conversation” option. After that, the tags in the conversation will be removed from the username. In this way, the user can control negative and unwanted mentions of himself and increase his safety on the platform.