On November 21, the number of users of the social network Hive reached 1 million. This was announced by its founder Kassandra Pop.

After Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, some of the users of this social network decided to leave it. As an alternative, many considered the Mastodon microblogging platform and communities like CounterSocial. The Hive social network also showed a significant increase in new accounts. The turmoil on Twitter helped her climb into the top 20 on the App Store.

The Hive social network was launched in 2019. It was founded by 22-year-old American Kassandra Pop. She did not copy Twitter, but created a completely original application, focusing primarily on the interests and needs of generation Z. While developing the Hive concept, she collected all the best from different social networks, so you can find features of both Twitter and Instagram in it, and even MySpace. At the heart of this network is not only the timeline, as in Twitter. In addition to watching the feed, users here can connect to thematic communities dedicated to science and technology, vehicles, fine arts, cinema, music, literature, computer games, style and fashion, pets and more. By registering here, you can post your own posts, like and comment on other people's publications, use hashtags. That is, to do almost everything the same as in other social networks.

For those who are now looking for an alternative to Twitter, Hive can become a more comfortable virtual home. It is based on the same model with a set of subscribers. In addition, it has a simple interface and familiar navigation options. Hive differs from many other social networks in its refusal to implement personalization algorithms, timeline priority and the lack of the possibility of monetization through advertising.

Hive had been growing steadily for several weeks prior to Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter. This trend continued after the deal. According to the Sensor Tower analytics platform, approximately 214K downloads of the Hive app on Android and iOS devices have been completed over the past 30 days.