Badges with votes "up" will be visible to everyone, but the votes "down" are still hidden and are visible only to the author of the post and comment.

The social network is looking for ways to enable users to dislike and express their disagreement with the post - Twitter has officially announced that it is testing such functionality.

Some iOS users have already been able to see various icons in the comments that will help dislike or vote down a tweet. These can be down arrows for dislikes and up arrows for likes, a hand with a down or up thumb, etc. At the moment, the platform is looking for the most appropriate ways to correctly express disagreement with a post.

At the same time, the description of the test options especially emphasizes that the new buttons are not dislike buttons. It also clarifies that votes down at this stage of testing are visible only to those who put them, as well as to the author of the post, they are hidden from other users. But the votes up will be displayed for all to see, as is traditionally the case, in the form of likes.

While this experiment is being conducted on a small number of users, it is not yet reported whether such an option will be implemented for everyone. The company suggests that disagreeing buttons can be one way to reduce negative comments on social media and increase the level of civility.