Long awaited by users, the option will allow you to remove unwanted subscribers without blocking at the same time, which can be regarded as a rude move.

In the near future, the Twitter platform plans to introduce a number of new tools related to user privacy. One of the new options, which is now undergoing active testing, is the so-called “soft blocking” tool.

Thanks to the new feature, users will be able to remove someone from their followers, but not block this user. You can remove followers from the subscribers list, which is located on your account profile page. After deletion, the user will not see the account's tweets in their feed, as they did when the subscription continued.

When deleting, the account owner is warned that the deleted user will not receive a deletion notification and will be able to re-subscribe to the same account in the future. This process is considered a milder blocking option, in which the blocked user is completely deprived of the ability to view the tweets of a particular account and send messages via Twitter.