With the help of the Product Drop option, brands and companies will be able to tell potential buyers about planned new products and attract an additional audience.

The Twitter platform is taking the next step in the development of e-commerce tools with the introduction of the Product Drop option. With its help, sellers will be able to announce future releases and introduce products to buyers even before they officially appear on the market. Thus, stores and brands will be able to attract more potential buyers and organize discussions of new products among a wide audience.

Posts created as part of the Product Drop will be a special kind of tweet that includes both text and an image. Also in the post you can specify the date of the planned drop. By clicking on such a tweet, the user is taken to a page with a detailed description of the product. Here you can place several photos, technical details, as well as the price of the product.

The hashtag system is designed to support product discussion on the platform. Users also have access to a reminder button about the appearance of a product - “Remind me”. A reminder in the application will come 15 minutes before the start of sales and again at the very beginning of their start. The reminder itself will contain a "Shop on website" button, by clicking on which the user will be able to go to the seller's website to make a purchase.