The improved API gives developers the ability to automatically post and delete tweets, as well as a host of other tools.

Twitter announced its next major API update, which is intended to significantly expand the set of developer tools. When creating bots for the platform, they can now add automated posting and deleting tweets on behalf of an authenticated account to the bot's actions list, and a number of other options.

Additional options available to third-party clients through the API include publishing polls, using response settings, and the ability to designate people in images by adding tags. By leveraging new opportunities, companies and brands will be able to better manage their Twitter presence, for example by posting company news on time or deleting old irrelevant tweets.

Also, a convenient tool will be support through the API of the Super Follows tool, which allows you to support content authors financially. Thanks to this innovation, developers will be able to create solutions that will provide support for content creators, which will be a convenient option for authors.