The Threader takeover will be one of a series of acquisitions that Twitter has made over the past few months.

The Twitter platform announced the acquisition of Threader, a service that aims to provide users with tools to better navigate message threads. An application that, using a bot, collects disparate messages into a single text, in the form of a kind of article, can make it easier to view and read threads of messages on any topic.

To create text from Twitter messages, the user needs to reply to one of the messages in the thread, tag the Threader profile, and write the word “compile”. Then the service bot will create a link that will display the message chain as a single text. Such functionality, in the development of which specialists from Threader took part, is presented in the new Twitter product - Twitter Blue, access to which is provided by subscription. In particular, Twitter Blue has a Reader mode that allows you to read threads in a more convenient format.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it is known that the service team will continue to work on various Twitter projects. The Threader application itself will stop working within a month.