The first broadcast in partnership with Walmart will take place on November 28 and will be hosted by acclaimed singer-songwriter Jason Derulo.

The Twitter platform is actively exploring the field of e-commerce and has taken another step in this direction. It was announced that the social network will conduct the first experiment in the field of live streaming. During such online events, sellers get the opportunity to directly reach out to buyers and create a new channel for sales and audience engagement.

It is already known that the first experimental event in this direction will be a live-streaming event, organized in partnership with the Walmart hypermarket chain. The live shopping event will be dedicated to the cyber week taking place in many stores around the world. The event will be hosted by popular musician Jason Derulo.

Users of the platform will be able to watch a broadcast in real time with an information about various goods, mainly about electronics and household appliances, as well as home furnishings and decor. Most importantly, they will be provided with the opportunity to receive additional information and make purchases directly during the broadcast.