Truecaller has long been a reliable assistant in detecting and blocking unwanted calls, making it a popular alternative to standard phone functions. The company that created it recently entered into a partnership with Microsoft and integrated its service with the Azure AI Speech product. As a result, users now have access to the AI Assistant and the opportunity to record their own voice to create an AI version for further use.

The AI Assistant from Truecaller analyzes incoming calls to determine the reasons for the calls. This allows users to decide whether to respond personally or delegate this task to a virtual assistant. This service first appeared in 2022 but was initially available only in certain countries. Now, everyone interested can enhance personalization thanks to the ability to record their own voice.

During the recent Build developer conference held by Microsoft, the corporation presented the personal voice technology in Azure AI Speech, which enables voice recording and playback. According to information from the Microsoft blog, this feature has certain limitations. Access is only provided in specific cases (e.g., when using voice assistants). Additionally, the company has implemented rules to protect the rights of individuals whose voices have been recorded, including the requirement of consent for recording and a prohibition on imitation.

By using their own voice in an AI assistant, anyone interested can automate the communication process, making it more efficient and progressive. However, it is currently unknown how well the personalized AI voice will perform its tasks compared to traditional voice messages.